Unsolved Mysteries

Twitter Doesn't Understand How 'Unsolved Mysteries' Works & It's Hilarious

by Ani Bundel

When Unsolved Mysteries debuted back in 1987, it was the first of its kind. An anthology series about true crime, it didn't dig into stories with well-known conclusions. Instead, the entire point was that these were cases left open. It proved so popular, dozens of imitators followed. But there are only so many cold cases out there. Soon, many Unsolved Mysteries-type shows were filled with mysteries that were, well, solved, thus diluting this specific brand of true crime. Now, some of the funniest tweets about watching Unsolved Mysteries prove that sometimes, all audiences want are answers.

Those behind the stories in Unsolved Mysteries, from grieving families to frustrated investigators, want answers, too. That's often why they agree to tell their stories on the program; having cold cases that stretch on for decades, never knowing what happened, is understandably frustrating.

But it's frustrating for viewers, too. Detective Twitter prides itself on solving mysteries, be it the fictional multi-part prestige TV series or real-life cases. One of the reasons Unsolved Mysteries' return has been such a popular hit for Netflix is that this is the first time it's aired during the Twitter era, when fans can band together and come up with answers.

But that doesn't always mean those answers are easy to come by. If they were, these cold cases would have been solved by now. All they can do is puzzle it over, just like those in the episodes.

The good news is that fans have a sense of humor about their current streaming fave. After all, you sat down to watch Unsolved Mysteries' unsolved mysteries, and you're mad because these mysteries are unsolved? Congratulations, you played yourself.

Many fans attempt their own theories. Some go in assuming everyone involved is guilty, while others search for clues during the interview segments.

But for most fans, the fun begins once the episode is over, knowing Twitter will abound with theories.

Will anyone on Twitter figure out the answers to the Unsolved Mysteries cases in Volume 2? Perhaps that will have to be just another unsolved mystery for now.

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 is on Netflix now.