20 Tweets About 'Normal People's Sex Scenes That Might Turn You On

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It's been nearly a week since I finished watching Normal People, and TBH, I still haven't recovered. In a span of six hours, NP took me on a journey like no other. I cried. I threw my laptop in frustration. I considered getting bangs. I wondered why I was so turned on by a silver chain. Ever since that heart-wrenching last episode, I've been listening to Imogen Heap on repeat and wondering why I feel so weepy, exhausted, and horny at the same time... and apparently, I'm not alone. These tweets about Normal People's sex scenes perfectly capture what makes the series so special: The on-screen intimacy is unparalleled.

ICYMI, the BBC adaptation of Sally Rooney's bestselling novel follows the tumultuous romance between Connell and Marianne from their final year in secondary school to their final year at Trinity College. Over that time, the two have plenty of fights and communication failures, as well as a lot of sex. Fans have praised the show for its depiction of realistic, consensual, intensely intimate, and incredibly tender love-making, but above all, the (many) sex scenes are just really, really sexy. Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal's chemistry is absolute fire, and these tweets about those steamy scenes have me in my feels all over again.

This Conflicted Comment

🎶 We're horny, sad, turned on, and crying at the same time, it's miserable and magical, oh yeah 🎶

This Bunk Bed Bummer

Emphasis on the Imogen Heap-heavy soundtrack.

This Gloomy Game

If I played this game, I would have no tears left to cry.

This Breathless Outcry

First of all, how dare you.

This Amazing Journey

Hard same.

This Awkward Realization

Attention everyone: Normal People is strictly NSFP (Not Safe for Parents).

This Dad Disaster

I repeat, Normal People is NOT 👏 SAFE 👏 FOR 👏 PARENTS 👏.

This Cautionary Tale

Sigh. Once again, 🚨NSFP!!!🚨

This Intrusive Feeling

I feel like I shouldn't be watching... but I also can't look away.

This High Praise


This Tearful Viewer

IMO, those who don't sob during Normal People's sex scenes aren't normal people.

This Relatable Reaction

I averaged half a tissue box per episode. How about you guys?

This Grateful Feedback

Oh, to be the thin silver chain around Connell Waldron's neck...

This Dreamy Discovery

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been waking up weeping yet weirdly turned on.

This On-Point Report

IMO, Connell adorably struggling to pull off Marianne's bralette also deserves an A. Maybe even an A+.

This Humbling Revelation

Um... have I been doing sex wrong this whole time? Do I even know how to sex?

This Sad Reminder

Honestly rude AF.

This Important Point

Three cheers for healthy physical intimacy!

This Appreciative Shoutout

Fact: Consent is sexy.

This Sweet Tweet

So vulnerable! So raw! So sexy!!!

Question: What's the limit to how many times you can rewatch Normal People? Answer: The limit does not exist.

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