Fans on Twitter are rooting for JJ from Netflix's 'Outer Banks'

These Tweets Prove JJ From 'Outer Banks' Should Be Protected At All Costs


Netflix's newest drama is the soapy teen series fans have been craving since Gossip Girl, and one of the show's leads really has viewers buzzing. The tweets about JJ on Outer Banks prove he's the character fans will support until the end of the (hopefully long) series. Between his turbulent relationship with his abusive father, his seemingly carefree attitude covering up some major emotions, his fierce loyalty to his friends, and, of course, his rugged good looks, fans have found countless reasons to fall in love with JJ — and the actor who plays him, Rudy Pankow.

Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Outer Banks Season 1 follow. If you're new to the Outer Banks craze, lace up your boat shoes, because the 10-episode drama released on April 15 is making some serious waves. The series follows a group of less-than-charmed teens called "the Pogues," who live in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. While there's a lot to unpack in the show (including class rivalry, parental strains, and some good-old-fashioned teen love triangles), the long and short of it is: The Pogues are on a hunt for $400 million worth of treasure, and it's not exactly smooth sailing.

While all of the characters have their own endearing hurdles, quirks, and story arcs, it's JJ who has Twitter collectively rooting for him. First, there's his obvious good looks — if you're into blonde hair, suntanned skin, and surfer vibes, of course. And let's be real, after scrolling through social media, it seems like most of the Outer Banks fanbase is...

While JJ's looks are obviously a great jumping off point, it's his heart that's truly worthy of fans' love. His steadfast dedication to his friends despite everything he deals with at home makes him the apple of fans' eyes.

Then, there's the hot tub scene. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to prepare emotionally. For fans who managed to glimpse it through the barrage of tears, you're not alone in your overwhelming feelings after one of the most gut-wrenching scenes in teen television history.

Which, of course, brings fans to the JJ and Kiara shippage. Between their easy banter and obvious chemistry, it seems every single person who has access to the internet is rooting for the two Pogues.

While viewers will have to wait to see if Season 2 will be in the works, Outer Banks fans seem to agree it needs to happen, if only for the inevitable a JJ-Kiara pairing (sorry, Pope). Either way, here's to loving JJ a little fiercer after each and every rewatch.

Outer Banks is streaming on Netflix now.