Jungkook Dedicated A Whole New Song To ARMYs For FESTA & They're So Moved

JNI/Star Max/GC Images/Getty Images

BTS' annual FESTA celebration involves daily content for fans to enjoy. The event is meant to honor BTS' anniversary when they debuted as a group on June 13, 2013. Ahead of FESTA, Big Hit Entertainment shared a schedule to help fans prepare for all the new releases throughout the month of June. Initially, ARMYs didn't know what "Still With You" was going to be, but they suspected it was a new song. These tweets about BTS' "Still With You" shows fans were right all along. And it's Jungkook's personal message of love to ARMYs.

BTS is always keeping fans on their toes, so just a few days after Suga released his D-2 mixtape on May 22, the group began promoting their next big event: their 2020 FESTA. Ask an ARMY and they would tell you FESTA is their favorite time of the year. For the first two weeks in June, BTS shares never-before-seen photos and videos. While BTS always shares so much behind-the-scenes footage with fans, those two weeks are non-stop content for ARMYs. Now, June 4 is extra special.

After a week of waiting for it, fans finally listened to "Still With You" and they discovered it's a song by Jungkook, who helped produce the song. He also included a secret message in the song's SoundCloud URL: Thankyouarmy2020. Seeing this, fans took it as a sign the song was written for them.

According to fan translations, "Still With You" is about Jungkook not feeling alone because ARMY will always be by his side. "Smiling together/ Crying together/ Maybe these simple emotions were everything to me/ Someday if I meet you again, I will look you in the eye and tell you, 'I missed you,'" he sings on the track.

Check out Jungkook's song to ARMYs below:

Immediately following the release, fans trended "#StillWithYou," "THANK YOU JUNGKOOK," and "HIS VOICE," which sums up their amazement at his vocals and the song's sweet message.

Here's how ARMYs are reacting on Twitter:

The song's lyrics are so comforting to fans because it shows Jungkook is always thinking of ARMY.