A screenshot from Ariana Grande's "34+35" video.

Arianators Are Losing It Over Ariana's Robot Twin In Her New "34+35" Video


Just weeks after Ariana Grande dropped her "Positions" music video on Oct. 22, she's already back with another visual. This time, she's putting attention on the fan-favorite track "34+35." Since the song title was a sexual innuendo, fans thought the clip was going to be full of steamy moments. Instead, it ended up being wayyy different than what they predicted. These 20 tweets about Ariana Grande's "34+35" video show everyone loved the unique concept, especially one detail: Grande's robot twin. If you haven't watched the clip already, you need to check it out ASAP because Grande's clone is going viral.

Honestly, fans should have expected the unexpected. When Grande released her "Positions" music video last month, fans were wrong about that concept, too. Although the song was all about making love to your partner, the clip didn't focus on a love interest. Instead, Grande put all the attention on herself becoming the President of the United States. Throughout the video, fans saw the singer taking charge and empowering other women around her as well.

Now, Grande has put an interesting spin to her Positions single "34+35" by taking on the role of a scientist who's trying to clone herself. After a few failed attempts, Grande finally has her Frankenstein moment and successfully brings her robot twin to life. Fans were a little confused about what the robot had to do with the song, but they loved the concept anyway. Watch Grande's "34+45" music video below. (Stay until the end to see some behind-the-scenes moments of the singer filming the MV.)

From the visuals and choreography, everything about the music video was amazing to fans. Grande's robot twin took the spotlight, however, because it's pretty much garnered its own fanbase judging by all these tweets.

Fans can't wait to see what song Grande gives the music video treatment to next.