11 People Reveal The Song That Got Them Through Their Hardest Breakup

by Korey Lane

No matter who ended the relationship, going through a breakup can be really tough for everyone involved. You might feel a rollercoaster of emotions, from grief to relief. Everyone deals with heartbreak differently, but if music always makes you feel better, and you're looking for songs to help you get through a breakup, look no further. I scoured Reddit for first-hand experiences from real people who went through breakups themselves, and compiled the songs they turned to for solace during their own heartbreak recovery period. Because seriously, after a breakup, you deserve to lay in bed with your headphones in and just feel all the feels, and these songs can help you do just that.

Self-care is always important, but it's especially important following a breakup, or during any period of heartsickness. "One of the most important things to remember during a breakup is that heartbreak affects your physiology and your neurochemistry," Elle Huerta, CEO and founder of the breakup app Mend, previously told Elite Daily. "Going through a breakup feels like going through withdrawal, so it's really important in the early days to take extra care of yourself." Whether that's sleeping, eating good food, exercising, or whatever else, take time for yourself.

One of the easiest ways to practice self-care in the midst of a breakup is to turn up the bops that make you feel your very best. So, if you're ready to work through this breakup like the goddess you are, read on for the best songs to help you through it.

These Four Are A Great Start.
Circa Survive — "Dyed In The Wool," Acoustic: Acoustic track by these dudes about that sh*tty, gloomy knowledge that your partner won't ever really understand your perspective or personality...
Drake — "Doing It Wrong": "When a good thing goes bad, it's not the end of the world... it's just the end of a world... that you had with one girl." D*mn, this is the type of sh*t you actually play for your girl if you're about to bounce. Great song and amazing harmonica solo at the end. Kinda gut-wrenching though, but, sh*t, that's what I'm lookin' for.
My Chemical Romance — "I'm Not OK": Pretty standard angsty emotional flair. F*ck you for thinking it's all good, can't you feel my coldness? How long I gotta pretend it's all good? I've liked this song ever since it was featured in Burnout 3 (I think it was 3). Good sh*t.


This Will Get You Right In The Feels.
Nine Inch Nails — "Only."
"Yes, I am alone but then again I always was.
As far back as I can tell I think maybe it's because,
Because you were never really real to begin with.
I just made you up, to hurt myself."
That realization that they meant far more to you than you did to them. The realization that the person you thought existed was not real — the person you thought existed cared for you, this person does not...
Nine Inch Nails gets me through so many hard times. His lyrics, while not always inventive or boundary-pushing, just speak to such relatable issues.


Sometimes You Have To Dance It Off.
"Hate (I Really Don't Like You)" by the Plain White T's — gotta pump yourself back up!!


No Matter What Mood You're In, There's A Song For You.
Sad mode: "Don't Think Twice It's All Right" by Bob Dylan.
Pretty much any Trampled By Turtles song off of "Palomino."
"Future Foe Scenarios" by Silversun Pickups.
Rage mode: "Foot to the Throat," & "Blacken the Cursed Sun," by Lamb of God.
"7 Words," by Deftones.
"Friend Is A Four Letter Word," by CAKE is a sort of middle ground.


If You're Feeling Down.
"On A Day Like Today" — Keane: I've always thought of this as an "end of a relationship" song. It beautifully and simply expresses a complex web of emotions, and it's always resonated with how I felt when a relationship didn't work out.


Or Maybe A Little Angry.
"Your Ex-Lover Is Dead," by Stars. So many great breakup lines. "Live through this and you won't look back," and "I'm not sorry I met you, I'm not sorry it's over, I'm not sorry there's nothing to save."


Maybe You Are *Really* Going Through It.
I'd have to say John Mayer — "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room." Sad but beautiful song really.
Burned it onto a CD for my gf back in college. She called me in tears thinking I was breaking up with her.


You Never Know When The Perfect Song Might Hit You.
When I sat at the edge of my bed shedding some tears over the recent heartbreak, this song I'd never heard before started playing on Spotify. It made me cry even more but also it almost felt like someone understood exactly how I was feeling.
Song is "Carry You" by Ruelle, feat. Fleurie


It Might Surprise You.
I generally don't like Selena Gomez, but her "It Ain't Me" is a d*mn good breakup song.


Or Perfectly Capture How You Feel.
"Skinny Love" by Bon Iver if you're looking to experience your sadness entirely.
"Barely Alive" by The Jompson Brothers cuts me pretty deep too.


Either way, Turn Up The Volume And Listen.
"With or Without You" [by U2] was my go-to breakup song after breaking up with someone I didn't want to break up with. The lyrics "I can't live with or without you" just made so much sense after that.


Breakups are complicated, sh*tty, and can make you feel like staying in bed forever and re-watching Jim and Pam's wedding on The Office until Netflix asks you, "Are you still there?" And by all means, do it until you feel better. Re-watch your heart out! But when you're ready, don't be afraid to inspect your feelings. Listening to songs where the artists can put those feelings into words might help you process what happened, make peace with it, and move on.