20 Romantic 'Bridgerton' Season 1 Quotes That'll Make You Swoon

Bridgerton is an unusual choice for a prestige, high-budget Netflix series. Based on author Julia Quinn's novels, it's a straight-up, old school "Regency romance," complete with all the usual cliched tropes. There are fancy outfits, ballrooms, bodices to rip, breeches to burst, sex, sex, and more sex. But the show fundamentally succeeds by never losing sight of the love. It's right there in the name "romance novel," and Bridgerton delivers the heart-wrenching passion in spades. These romantic Bridgerton Season 1 quotes are worthy of every emotional swoon audiences can manage.

Warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 1 follow. Julia Quinn's Bridgerton novels are massively popular because of her writing. The books range from funny to zany to sentimental, sometimes all in the same scene. Some of Bridgerton's best scenes are lifted wholesale from the page, including that intense duel between Anthony and Simon.

But just as many scenes were created just for the Netflix show. That includes its most romantic one, in which Simon asks Queen Charlotte for her blessing to secure a quick marriage to Daphne. It's a moment that doesn't happen in Daphne's story in Quinn's novel The Duke & I, mainly because the Queen doesn't appear in the book as a character. But even though that moment is an addition, it fits perfectly with the tone of the rest of Bridgerton. It's a reminder that the writers understand making hearts flutter is the point of any series based on romance.

Here are some of the most romantic lines from Season 1:

  1. "You deserve nothing less. You deserve everything your heart desires." Simon Basset
  2. "You have me protecting you too. I will always protect you." Anthony Bridgerton
  3. "I burn for you." Daphne Bridgerton
  4. "I am your family now. We shall make our own family, you and me." Colin Bridgerton
  5. "Romance was entirely out of the question for both of us. But in so removing it we found something far greater: We found friendship." Simon Basset
  6. "Anything that gets me your attention is a good thing, I rather think." Benedict Bridgerton
  7. "Just because something is not perfect does not make it any less worthy of love." Daphne Bridgerton
  8. "I thought about coming with you tonight. I envisioned myself on your arm, dancing the night away. But my imagination was the furthest I could allow myself to go." Siena
  9. "Miss Bridgerton and I have been fooling all of Mayfair for quite some time. We have fooled them into thinking we are courting when really, all along, we simply enjoyed each other's company so much we could not stay away from one another." Simon Basset
  10. "I tried. You must know... I tried." Anthony Bridgerton
  11. "Her laughter brings me joy." — Simon Basset
  12. "Allow me to realize my late brother's wishes." - Sir Philip Crane
  13. "You can choose to love me as much as I love you. That should not be up to anyone else. That cannot be up to anyone else. It can only be up to you." Daphne Bridgerton
  14. "You find things to love, my dear. Small things... and eventually they add up to be enough." - Portia Featherington
  15. "To meet a beautiful woman is one thing, but to meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart." Simon Basset
  16. "I'm afraid I cannot offer you that dance, Miss Cowper. I am to escort Miss Featherington to the floor." Colin Bridgerton
  17. "It is you I cannot sacrifice." Daphne Bridgerton
  18. "I am yours, Daphne, I have always been yours." Simon Basset
  19. "You were not a fool. You merely believed yourself in love. One should never apologize for that. One finds oneself in such an incredible position, and well, one should declare it, assuredly, fervently, loudly." Penelope Featherington
  20. "I so love cheese." Mr. Finch

Bridgerton Season 1 is on Netflix now.