20 People Reveal Their Secret Sexual Fantasies & Is It Getting Hot In Here Or What?

Ever thought about having shower sex with Donald Glover? If so you're not the only one. When it comes to sexual desire, it can be hard to say what you really want. I asked 20 people to reveal their sexual fantasies. I really enjoyed these conversations because it showed me is that most, if not all, of our fantasies are completely achievable. Okay — except for the person who's hoping for shower sex with Donald Glover.

Whether it's to climax vaginally, to be choked, or have a partner genuinely invested in their pleasure— these fantasies could totally become a reality. Sometimes all it takes is the right partner, lots of communication and research on how to safely bring your private fantasies to life.

There's a lot of unnecessary shame in speaking about desire. And it turns out some people just want fundamental things from their partners. Take a look at the following fantasies so you too can feel less alone in your wanting — and maybe fulfill your fantasies after all.

Some people just want the basics.

“I want my partner to care if I cum.”

"To finally come vaginally!"

“For men to listen to me when I talk.”

"To have sex."

"My fantasy is that one day I will be able to have one because my demisexual ass will know how to let a person touch me."

"My sexual fantasy is to never lose my Metro Card ever again."

“My sexual fantasy is a retirement fund, honestly.”

Some dream about hooking up with specific people.

“Fooling around with my women friends, all love but no strings attached. They’re some beauts.”

“I honestly would enjoy making out or hooking up with a couple of my friends without it being weird.”

"Honestly want a threesome with my friend and her girlfriend."

“I (queer femme) would really like to peg a queer man. I know that I am innately a top but I rarely find queer men that are interested in sex with women. Definitely a fantasy I hope to try.”

I'm a straight male, but I'd honestly like to try and get it in the butt by a chick with a strapon. I have absolutely no clue why, and I'm very unsure if I'll enjoy it, but there is a part of me that wants to at least try it.


Some people want things rough.

"I really want to have a good night alone with my ex, in a hotel really rough."

“I’ve always wanted a cis male to watch my partner (trans masculine) and I (queer cis female) have sex while he’s tied up.”

Being tied up and/or held down and ravished without someone being afraid of hurting me


Topless boxing, followed by sex.

— JNC96

Late to the party, but I want to be tied up and humiliated/abused by another woman (I'm a female) like whipped, cut, spit on, slapped...sigh

— spookyboob

Some people want an element of mystery or intrigue.
I always wanted to hook up at one of those fancy masked balls. No talking, or taking off the masks.

— Konebred

I'm really REALLY attracted to my economics professor. He's 62 and I'm 23. I've never been attracted to older guys before (or at least as old as 62) but he's just... Idk powerful, I guess. It's gotten to the point that I can't even look him in the eye because I start blushing like crazy!

— TakeOutQueen

And some people really put their imagination to work.
To have sex while one or both of us is dressed in a mostly realistic lobster costume. Some adjustments would be needed to make it work, due to differences in anatomy between humans and lobsters, but it is my long term sexual fantasy/desire.

— TheGnudist

By now, I hope you have seen yourself in some of these. I definitely felt seen by the retirement plan fantasy. I think it's safe to say that there's someone out there that would be into even your weirdest sexual fantasy. There's also nothing wrong with asking your partner for their consent and if they would be interested in trying something out.

So talk to your partners, put your imagination to work like these people have, and, consensually, let things get hot in here!

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