20 Old Photos Of The Kardashians That Look Just Like Their Kids

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The KarJenner sisters' appearances have changed significantly over the years, but so much of them still resemble their younger selves. The girls often post pictures of their children that now look just like they did back then. From button noses to big brown eyes, the reality stars have definitely passed down some of their strong genes from both their father, Robert Kardashian, and mother, Kris Jenner. These 20 old pictures of the Kardashians look so much like their kids (minus the clarity of iPhone pics because they were probably taken on disposable camera film), they'll make you do a double-take.

As much as the kids look like their moms, they somehow manage to look exactly like their dads, Kanye West, Scott Disick, Travis Scott, and Tristan Thompson, too, leading to a mix of hair and eye colors, adorable smiles, and everything in between. If you're keeping up, Kris Jenner has 10 grandchildren, and each is unique and beautiful in their own way.

Kourtney Kardashian's sons, Mason and Reign, and daughter, Penelope, favor Disick, but many of their features are definitely passed down from the late Robert. Kim Kardashian and West have four little ones who each resemble their parents in different ways. Kylie Jenner's daughter, Stormi, is hands down her mini-me, while Khloé Kardashian's daughter, True, is the spitting image of Thompson. But those aren't the only offsprings we're mentioning in this list, in fact, anyone who's had a Kardashian child (from Kris' mom, Mary Jo, to Tristan Thompson) will be considered part of the fold.

I could go on and on about each of the individual KarJenner kids, but I think the photos below speak for themselves.

Saint Has His Mom's Baby Face

Kim and Kanye's youngest, Psalm, is still too young for me to determine exactly who he'll look like when he gets older, but he looks identical to his reality star mom in many of his baby pictures.

North Has Mama's Eyes

Kim shared an Instagram in October 2014 that showed side-by-side photos of her and North looking wide-eyed and very much alike. "ME/NORTH #MiniMe," she captioned the snap.

Mason Is Scott's Lookalike

Mason Disick is basically his dad's twin. From the way they style their hair to their similar facial features, these photos prove the two are one in the same.

Dream Is Her Dad's Mini-Me

Rob's daughter, Dream, mirrors her dad's big baby smile in the throwback photo below.

Penelope Has Kourtney's Cheeky Smile

Penelope is definitely a great combination of both her parents, but this throwback picture of a young Kourtney shows just how similar their smiles are.

Stormi Got It From Her Mama

A throwback picture of Kylie as a tot looks just like a video she posted of Stormi in December 2019. From the wide-set smile to the adorable little ears, there is no doubt they are a mother-daughter duo.

Penelope Is Aunt Koko's Expression Double

While Khloé Kardashian isn't Penelope's mom, these pics are proof that, sometimes, similarities go beyond features, and lie within personality.

The Kardashian Genes Remain Strong in Rob

Robert Kardashian Sr. not only passed down his name when Kris gave birth to their only son — he passed down his handsome looks, too.

True Has Thompson's Smile

Well before True was born, Thompson shared a baby picture on his Instagram in February 2014. Fast forward five years later and True as a toddler is his spitting image.

Actually, True Is Thompson's Clone

A cozy little Thompson looks just like a cozy baby True. Even when True isn't showing off her dimple's that she inherited from her dad, the two have the same somber expression.

Penelope Has Mom's Pout

Penelope definitely takes after her mom when it comes to her sweet, yet sassy, personality. Take a look at their identical facial expressions here.

Kourtney Is Kris' Twin

In a photo Kris posted from her younger years, it shows that Kourtney is a dead ringer for her mom.

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Aunt Kendall's Nieces Are Her Lookalikes

While Kendall doesn't have kids of her own, her nieces sport some very similar features to the model when she was a tot.

Chi, Is That You?

Kim's looks were definitely passed down to her youngest daughter with Kanye West.

Kris Gave a Peek Into Kourtney's Future

The more throwback photos Kris posts, the more fans can see the resemblance between her and Kourtney.

Saint Is Kanye's Spitting Image

This throwback photo of Kanye as a toddler could easily be mistaken for Saint.

Kris & Kylie Reincarnated In Kylie & Stormi

An old photo of Kris holding Kylie as a baby looks extremely similar to one of Kylie holding Stormi.

Sister, Sister

After Kylie posted a childhood photo of Khloé holding her as a baby, fans went wild with comments about how much Khloé and Kendall actually look alike. Khloé isn't Kendall's mom, but the sibling similarities in this pic were too good to pass up.

North Has Kim's Brows

This throwback photo of Kim proves that North essentially inherited the whole top half of Kim's face.