20 "Never Have I Ever" Questions That Are Perfect For Date Night

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The whole point of dating is to get to know someone enough to decide if you want to see them again. And with the right person, navigating the early phases of a budding relationship can feel fun and natural. Although asking questions is the most direct way to learn more about someone you like, coming up with more creative ways to share information about yourselves is a great way to ensure your date doesn't devolve into a glorified job interview. (Everyone knows what a drag that can be.) The good news is, there are a ton of fun "Never Have I Ever" questions for a date that can keep things interesting.

Let your creativity flow by playing the classic question game. If you're unfamiliar with the rules, both you and your date hold up 10 fingers and take turns making a "Never Have I Ever" statement. The idea is to state something you have never done before, and if your date has done what you stated, they put one finger down. The first person to put down all 10 fingers loses. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. "Never have I ever had a holiday romance."

2. "Never have I ever gone on a blind date."

3. "Never have I ever spied on my neighbors."

4. "Never have I ever had an open relationship."

5. "Never have I ever been arrested."

6. "Never have I ever dined and dashed."

7. "Never have I ever been trapped in an elevator."

8. "Never have I ever fallen in love at first sight."

9. "Never have I ever accidentally said 'I love you' to someone."

10. "Never have I ever been lost in the woods at night."


11. "Never have I ever snooped through an ex's phone."

12. "Never have I ever sent a stranger a drink."

13. "Never have I ever been nude in public."

14. "Never have I ever called a partner the wrong name."

15. "Never have I ever cut in line on purpose."

16. "Never have I ever Googled someone before a date."

17. "Never have I ever driven a stick shift."

18. "Never have I ever set something on fire while cooking."

19. "Never have I ever danced on a table."

20. "Never have I ever slept in my car."

There are no shortcuts to getting to know someone on a deeper level. Time and patience are almost always key. However, using a casual game like "Never Have I Ever" can be an entertaining way to learn new or surprising things about each other without forcing any awkward small talk.

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