20 Most Dramatic Bachelor Nation Rose Ceremonies That Left Fans SO Shook

When you tune into a show in the Bachelor franchise, you know you're going to be in for a hefty heaping of drama. After all, with dozens of contestants all fighting over one person (or over each other, in the case of Paradise), all different kinds of sparks are sure to fly. And there's no moment in an episode that's more dramatic than the rose ceremony. Over the years, the most dramatic Bachelor Nation rose ceremonies have been filled with countless moments that took fans by total surprise.

If host Chris Harrison has a catchphrase at all, then it would have to be: "The most shocking rose ceremony ever." He tells fans to expect lots of drama in nearly ever rose ceremony, and the truth is, he's not wrong. The rose ceremony is the time when the Bachelor or Bachelorette (or a handful of contestants in the case of Bachelor in Paradise) will hand out roses to the people they want to continue dating. But of course, things don't always go according to plan. Naming people and asking them to accept a rose is apparently a lot harder than it looks. From leads fumbling their words, to contestants rejecting the rose-giver, to people showing up uninvited, these rose ceremonies have brought memorable levels of drama to Bachelor Nation.

Entertainment — 20 Most Dramatic Bachelor Nation Rose Ceremonies That Left Fans SO Shook

1. Jesse Said The Wrong Name

The contestants are usually pretty nervous during each rose ceremony, but it's easy to forget the lead is usually battling some nerves as well. That's what happened to the Season 5 Bachelor Jesse Palmer when he was so flustered, he said the wrong name during his very first rose ceremony. He meant to say the name "Karen," but instead accidentally said "Katie." After consulting with the producers, Katie stayed anyway, but she still wasn't the one for Jesse.


2. Brad Didn't Choose Anyone

Brad Womack gave Bachelor Nation a major shock when he didn't hand out any rose during his final rose ceremony in Season 11. He made it all the way to the finale and decided he didn't want to propose to either of his final two women. Brad ended up getting a second chance as the Bachelor in Season 15, but while he did actually pick a winner that time, his engagement to Emily Maynard only lasted a few months.


3. Jake Picked Vienna

It wasn't clear that Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi were meant to be in Season 14 of The Bachelor, and yet he still chose her in his final rose ceremony. Their union didn't last long though; ABC aired an infamously explosive breakup special featuring the couple just a few months later.


4. Lindsay Took Off Her Shoes

There are a variety of ways a Bachelor contestant might handle being rejected, but there are perhaps none as unique as Lindsay Yenter's approach in Season 17. After Sean Lowe said she wasn't the one for him, Lindsay decided to totally relax and kick off her shoes as she walked away.

ABC/Dave Hagerman

5. Sean Broke Down

It's usually hard for the contestants to get rejected, but sometimes it's just as hard (or even harder) for the lead to do the rejecting. Sean completely broke down when he had to break up with Lindsay, which made fans realize just how emotional the whole situation was.

ABC/Dave Hagerman

6. Clare Went Off On Juan Pablo

Season 18's Juan Pablo Galavis was a controversial Bachelor, mostly because almost every other thing he said offended somebody. So when he told Clare Crawley she wasn't the one for him, she yelled at him for the rude comments he made to her earlier. He then had the nerve to say he was "glad he didn't pick her."


7. Juan Pablo Had Trouble Saying "I Love You"

Juan Pablo's finale was full of wild moments. Even after he chose Nikki Ferrell as the recipient of his final rose, he wouldn't say "I love you" to her. Unsurprisingly, their relationship didn't last very long after the show.

ABC/Rick Rowell

8. Andi Fought With Juan Pablo

Like I said, Juan Pablo stirred the pot a lot during his time as the Bachelor. He did it so much that Andi Dorfman called him during their Fantasy Suite date and had a fight with him during the rose ceremony. At least Andi got to come back and get another chance as the Bachelorette.


9. Kylie Thought She Heard Her Name

And just for good measure, here's one more Juan Pablo moment. During one of his rose ceremonies, Kylie Lewis stepped forward even though Juan Pablo said the name "Kat." She offered to stay anyway, but she was still sent home.

Todd's TV/YouTube

10. Jillian Tripped After Her Name Wasn't Called

The Bachelor producers should maybe think about reworking the acoustics during their rose ceremonies, because here's another situation in which someone heard the wrong name. In this case, not only did Jillian Anderson mistakenly step forward for a rose in Season 19, but she also tripped on her way there.

liza boobox on YouTube

11. Desiree Picked Chris

After Season 9 Bachelorette Desiree Hartstock was dumped by frontrunner Brooks Forester, fans thought that she wasn't going to get her happily ever after. Instead, Desiree chose Chris Siegfried in her final rose ceremony, to the surprise of many viewers.

ABC/Francisco Roman

12. Ashley Said No To Her Proposal

Usually a Bachelorette won't have someone go through an entire proposal if she knows she won't accept it. But Ashley Hebert let Ben Flajnik do his entire proposal, only for her to say no after it all. He later said the hardest part was "having the strength and courage to stand back up" after she rejected him.

ABC/Matt Klitscher

13. Ben Told A Tragic Story About A Plane Crash

The rose ceremony is usually filled with drama happening on air, but Ben Higgins shocked Bachelor Nation by revealing he lost family friends in a plane crash right before he handed out roses. It was a lot for everyone to handle, to say the least.


14. JoJo Left The Rose Ceremony To Cry

Making the decision of who should get your roses is a big one, and it puts a lot of pressure on a person. Season 12 Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher definitely felt that after her hometown dates when, before she had a chance to reject him, Luke Pell interrupted her. It sent JoJo into an emotional spiral that left her crying on the floor of an airplane hangar. At least it was a fun setting.

Us Weekly/YouTube

15. Krystal Interrupted Arie

Krystal Nielson had spent a lot of her time saying how desperate everyone else was during Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season, but then she pulled her own wild move for his attention. She stopped the rose ceremony to snag some alone time with Arie, even though he didn't have any alone time with anyone else. Unfortunately, the move did work in her favor.

Bachelor Nation/YouTube

16. Colton Jumped The Fence

Oh, Fencegate 2019. The Bachelor producers spent much of Colton's season hyping up the fact that he would jump a fence and leave the show at one point during the season. It all went down when his Fantasy Suite dates didn't go as planned and Cassie rejected him. Colton decided not to have any rose ceremony at all and instead left via fence jump.

Bachelor Nation/YouTube

17. Hannah Didn't Send Anyone Home After Hometowns

Hannah Brown made Bachelor Nation history in a number of ways during her season, and one of them was when she totally broke the rules of Fantasy Suites by inviting four men to join her in Greece. At the rose ceremony after the hometown dates, Hannah got pretty emotional about the thought of sending any of the guys home. So instead, she just... didn't.


18. Luke P. Showed Up After He Was Eliminated

There were so many times throughout Hannah's season that it seemed like Luke Parker would leave for good, but somehow he almost always managed to make it another week. Even after Hannah told him off for good and eliminated him, he crashed her second-to-last rose ceremony. Hannah would not have any of it; she gave Bachelor Nation one of the most iconic moments ever when she literally picked up her rose stand and moved it so she could try to go on with the ceremony while ignoring Luke. It was truly a masterpiece of rose ceremony drama.

Bachelor Nation/YouTube

19. Blake Handed Out A Friendship Rose

During Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, Blake Horstmann got pretty much ostracized from the rest of the group because he'd been dating multiple women before and during the show. However, it seemed like he was maybe going to get a second chance at love with Caitlin Clemmens, who took an interest in him after arriving on the beach mid-season. Instead, Kristina Schulman's plan to get a friendship rose from him totally worked, and Caitlin was sent home.

ABC/Josh Fleenor

20. Chris Harrison Changed The Rules

For the very first time in Bachelor Nation history, the rules of the rose ceremony changed. Demi Burnett and her girlfriend Kristian Haggerty have given the Bachelor franchise its first same-sex couple, and so Demi was granted the right to hand out a rose to Kristian during a men's week of Bachelor in Paradise. It's the first time the genders have mixed like that during a rose ceremony, and it certainly feels like a welcome change.

Every rose has its thorn, just as every rose ceremony has its own dramatic moment. Cheers to many more opportunities to laugh, cry, and gasp at what goes down in this wonderful franchise.