20 Most Dramatic Bachelor Nation Rose Ceremonies That Left Fans SO Shook

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When you tune into a show in the Bachelor franchise, you know you're going to be in for a hefty heaping of drama. After all, with dozens of contestants all fighting over one person (or over each other, in the case of Paradise), all different kinds of sparks are sure to fly. And there's no moment in an episode that's more dramatic than the rose ceremony. Over the years, the most dramatic Bachelor Nation rose ceremonies have been filled with countless moments that took fans by total surprise.

If host Chris Harrison has a catchphrase at all, then it would have to be: "The most shocking rose ceremony ever." He tells fans to expect lots of drama in nearly ever rose ceremony, and the truth is, he's not wrong. The rose ceremony is the time when the Bachelor or Bachelorette (or a handful of contestants in the case of Bachelor in Paradise) will hand out roses to the people they want to continue dating. But of course, things don't always go according to plan. Naming people and asking them to accept a rose is apparently a lot harder than it looks. From leads fumbling their words, to contestants rejecting the rose-giver, to people showing up uninvited, these rose ceremonies have brought memorable levels of drama to Bachelor Nation.

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