20 Perfect Memes That Sum Up How Awkward Dating Can Be

Tim Robberts/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Dating someone new is like starting a new TV show: Whether you're totally into it or kind of ambivalent, you probably wish you could just skip ahead to season three, when you understand the characters and actually know what the heck is going on. And IMO, even the best TV shows sometimes get off to an iffy start in season one. (I'm looking at you, Parks and Recreation.) But have no fear, awkward daters. If your romantic life feels as tense as Parks and Rec's first season, then these memes about the awkwardness of dating will assure you that you're definitely not alone.

From terrible dating app messages to unspoken texting rules, it seems like the pitfalls of modern dating are exponentially increasing. You might send a confessional text intended for your BFF to your crush instead. You might unintentionally like a date's Instagram post from 2015. You might come across an ex's profile on a dating app and accidentally swipe right. No matter what dating faux pas you've committed, I can pretty much guarantee that someone's done something even more embarrassing... and if not, then hopefully you can turn your experience into a viral meme someday.

When You Like The Idea of Dating Better Than Actually Dating

Maybe instead of taking me out, you can just bring me takeout.

When You And Your Date Aren't On The Same Page

Misunderstandings are always understandable in my book.

When You Experience A Flirting Fail

OK, but it's still brave AF to try your luck with a DM.

When Stalking Gets The Best Of You

Did you tell me your sister is a chiropractor, or did I accidentally discover that while looking through your tagged photos and stumbling upon her profile?

When You Shoot Your Shot... And Miss

So typical of a person to run away right when you start to open up to them.

When Your Lies Catch Up With You

This is why you should keep a stash of cute selfies on your phone at all times.

When You Just Want To Cut To The Chase

Everyone is doing this anyway. Why lie?

When You Come With Too Much Baggage And Not Enough Chill

I just brought a few things to keep at your place. Like, half my closet. You don't mind, right?

When You Pretend Not To See Those Red Flags

TBF, Uber can really get you with that surge pricing.

When The Only Thing They Can Commit To Is Not Committing

We're almost dating. As in, I've almost convinced them to go on a date with me.

When You Have A Habit Of Falling Hard And Fast

Easy come, easy go.

When You Have High Hopes (And A Lot Of Free Time)

If you're going to waste your time, you might as well waste your BFF's time, too.

When You're Over It Before It Even Begins

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but you are awful, don't call me maybe.

When Your Almost Relationship Almost Destroys You

Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?

When You Decide To Give That Ex A Second Chance

My mama don't like you and she likes everyone, so basically, this relationship doesn't have a chance.

When Their Logic Is Straight Up Illogical

So how exactly does "friends with benefits" benefit me?

When You're Basically Qualified For The FBI

Some call it concerning, but I call it a gift.

When They Accidentally Talk Behind Your Back To Your Face

What a rookie mistake.

When Dating Feels Like An Emotional Rollercoaster

Everyone knows that the dating advice you give your friends doesn't actually apply to you.

When You Decide To Read Between The Lines

Selective hearing is a form of self care, guys.

Dating likely isn't going to get any less awkward anytime soon, so the best thing you can do is find ways to laugh about it.