20 Memes About Breakups That Capture The Whole Rotten Garbage Fest

"Breakup" doesn't feel like an adequate term to describe the complete and utter devastation of a relationship ending. When bones are broken, you can set them. When nails are broken, you can file them. But when your heart is broken, you can probably relate pretty hard to Humpty Dumpty who — even with the help of all the king's horses and all the king's men — couldn't be put together again. It may not feel like it now, but you can and will recover from even the messiest split imaginable. In the meantime, these memes about breakups might just make you feel a little bit closer to whole again.

The end of a relationship causes plenty of heartache, but gaining a new ex also comes with its fair share of awkwardness. From running into your ex at parties to coming across your ex on a dating app, it's likely going to take a while before seeing that former partner is no longer a painful experience. You might spend too much time watching their Insta Stories. You might give into temptation and text them, "I miss u." But eventually, a breakup becomes something you're ready to laugh about, and these memes truly capture all the suckiness of breakups.

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Dating — 20 Memes About Breakups That Capture The Whole Rotten Garbage Fest

When You Have To Get Creative To Get Results

Can someone convince this mom to start an advice column?

When Dating Starts To Feel Like A Vicious Cycle

If you ex could just delete all those mental snapshots they have of you, that would solve a lot of problems.

When You Think Closure Will Get You Answers

Spoiler alert: closure is a myth.

When Your Ex Comes Back Into The Picture

Maybe they're meant to be after all?

When Happily Ever After Doesn't Go As Planned

Honestly, I wouldn't want to be any part of that world.

When You Experience The Awkward Ex Run-In

The face says it all.

When Your Ex Is So Close Yet So Far

Let's just hope you don't do the accidental Insta Story quick reaction.

When You're Feeling Bitter AF


When Everything You Do Post-Breakup Feels Like An Accomplishment

Can Jerry from Cheer just follow me around after a breakup and give me constant mat talk?

When You'd Rather Make Drama Than Make Amends

Now this is my kind of game night.

When You're Not Quite Ready To Wish Your Ex Well

Being the bigger person is overrated IMO.

When You Decide To Exercise Your Power

Whoops, sorry, I meant to send that to someone else! 😜

When You Send Your Love To Their New Lover

Best of luck in your future endeavor. You'll need it.

When Your Memories Come Back To Haunt You

First of all, how dare you.

When You Experience A Temporary Regression

Gotta blame it on the Goose, baby.

When You Speak Too Soon

The truth was bound to come out sooner or later.

When You Take The Necessary Precautions

Shoutout to the people with mad Photoshop skills, because a simple crop is about all I can handle.

When They Have The Audacity To Ask You To Return Their Things

Oh, you mean my hoodie?

When Your BFFs Become Your Bodyguards Post-Breakup

Find me something more powerful than a group stare. I'll wait.

When You Come Out The Other Side Better Than Ever

Thank you, next.

No matter how badly that breakup stings, just remember this: What doesn't kill you makes great content.