20 Instagram Captions For Your Thirst Trap If You Want To Catch A Valentine

by Cosmo Luce

The key to creating the most thirst-quenching Instagram post is understanding why you are so dehydrated in the first place. Is your cup empty because your hookups have been unsatisfying up to this point? Maybe your thirst is a sign that you need to switch up your sex life and experiment with different bodies and gender presentations. Having the right Instagram captions for your thirst trap can convey your intentions and make your desires clear to your audience. Wave your banner proudly and wait and see who responds. Chances are, they'll be the right ones because they're on your same energy level.

Or are you parched because you are yearning for a particular crush? If that's the case, even more power to you. Choosing how and when you use your sexuality is empowering, and there's no shame in flaunting it on Instagram. Only slut-shaming haters would criticize somebody for embracing the true nature of their desire. Plus, your Instagram page is totally your own. Be as wild as you want to be (as long as there's no nudity, because you could be reported, and there's no bigger turn-off than getting grounded from social media) and let the right one come in. Literally.

1. "Girl, if it's alright, let's go somewhere and get it on tonight." — Montell Jordan, "Get It On"

2. "Take me down into your paradise. Don't be scared, 'cause I'm your body type." — Demi Lovato, "Cool For The Summer"

3. "I wanna love you with the lights on. I wanna love you after dawn." — Morganx, "Love You With The Lights On"

4. "Did you call me from a seance? You are from a past life." — Frank Ocean, "Nights"

5. "Can you eat my skittles? It's the sweetest in the middle. Pink is the flavor, solve the riddle." — Beyoncé, "Blow"

6. "Drip, baby we don't need no towel. Imma be the one who rub your body now." — Trey Songz, "Dive In"

7. "I'm the wonder woman. Let me go get my rope." — Timbaland, "Give It To Me"

8. "Some things are best left unsaid. Move your body, move your body. Some should even stay in your head. It’s too naughty, it’s too naughty." —SAKIMA, "UR Body"

9. "All I wanna do is make you happy." — MIKA, "Make You Happy"

10. "We are both young, hot-blooded people. We don't wanna die alone. To become one, it could be lethal, sleeping with a friend." — Neon Trees, "Sleeping With A Friend"

11. "Whenever we meet, we ain't gonna get no sleep when I get to be together with you." — Janet Jackson, "No Sleep"

12. "Baby, keep running, keep running for me, chasing the things that you see in your sleep." — Tei Shi, "Keep Running"

13. "Every time that you get undressed, I hear symphonies in my head." — Jason DeRulo, "Trumpets"

14. "Wanna put my fingers through your hair, wrap me up in your legs, and love you 'til your eyes roll back." — J. Holiday, "Bed"

15. "Anything you want, baby, I’ll cater to you." — Destiny's Child, "Cater 2 U"

16. "Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I’ve got to find. Only you can set my heart on fire." — Ellie Goulding, "Love Me Like You Do"

17. "Touch my body. Put me on the floor. Wrestle me around. Play with me some more." — Mariah Carey, "Touch My Body"

18. "If we’re talking about sex, girl, you know that I invented that." — Trey Songz, "Touchin, Lovin"

19. "It’s not even my birthday. But he wanna lick the icing off. I know you want it in the worst way. Can’t wait to blow my candles out." — Rihanna, "Birthday Cake"

20. "There must have been an angel by my side. Something heavenly led me to you." — Sade, "Kiss Of Life"

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