20 Happy Movies To Watch After Fighting With Your Partner

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Booksmart / Annapurna Pictures

Even if you and your partner resolve conflicts in a healthy way, fighting never feels good. There may be awkward tension between you, you might be nursing puffy eyes from crying, and hurt feelings don't always just go away. You might need some time to get your thoughts together in order to argue productively, or space if your emotions are raw and you're not ready to dive back into your regular dynamic yet. That's OK! When you need a fun, easy distraction after fighting, a happy movie can be just the thing.

The following flicks will make you laugh, cry, and root for a happy ending. Some are romances that'll remind you why a healthy relationship is worth fighting for, and others are coming-of-age friendship stories that'll make you want to call your best friend immediately. And if you want to watch something that won't make you think too much because your mind literally can't handle anything at the moment, there are options for that too.

Put your phone on silent, order your favorite sushi, and settle in with one of the following movies. Once you feel ready to re-evaluate your argument with your partner, you can do so knowing you took a step back and gave yourself time to rest. As the classic, Friday Night Lights saying goes, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."

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