20 Celebrity Quotes About Breakups To Remind You You’re Not Alone

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Celebrities really are just like us. I mean, maybe not when it comes to touring the world promoting multi-million dollar projects (unless, you know, you do that), but things like love and heartbreak are universal experiences. Anyone who's been through it will tell you: Breakups are tough. The end of any relationship can feel like the hardest thing in the world, no matter who's dealing with it or who ended the relationship. At the end of the day, we're all human, and Bad Gal RiRi hurts just as much as you do. These celebrity quotes about breakups prove that just because your life is in the public eye, doesn't mean breakups get any easier.

Whether your relationship just ended, or it's been over for a while now and you need some advice about moving on, these quotes from your favorite celebs can be really insightful. So, dear reader, grab some wine, some chocolate, turn on that new Taylor Swift album, and read through for the best celebrity quotes about breakups. Remember: If Kim Kardashian can meet, marry, and split from Kris Humphries all in one year and later end up in a seemingly happy marriage with four adorable babies, you can get through anything.

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