The Cast of 'The Undoing' smiles and chats at a fancy cocktail party.

19 Quotes From 'The Undoing' That'll Totally Intrigue Your Insta Followers

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Who killed Elena Alves? For fans of the latest HBO mini-series, The Undoing, this question has everyone on the edge of their seats. The new psychological drama is full of mystery and intrigue, as the characters of New York’s elite find their lives flipped upside down by a recent murder. While impatiently setting our alarms to see Nicole Kidman – aka Grace Fraser, queen of beach waves and fur coats – grace our TV screens to see what happens next, you'll have these quotes from The Undoing to give your Insta feed some drama.

While prepping for the Instagram pics you'll take, channel your inner Grace Fraser with a floor-length coat and a pencil skirt that says, "I mean business." Or, grab your roomie — aka your partner in crime — for a pic, and pair your post with a quote from the show. You could even stage a mini-crime of your own (Think: Who took the last cookie from the jar?) and have you and your housemates snap your best innocent faces.

It’s time to bring a little mystery to your feed. With these quotes from The Undoing, your followers will by intrigued by your selfie game and, of course, the show's related conspiracy theories. Was it the wife or the husband? Your feed is dying to know.


1. “No, nothing about this entire day makes any sense to me.” — Grace

2. "My mind is stronger than my heart." — Grace

3. “Don’t pretend to be honest, because you've told too many lies.” — Haley

4. “Wow. How’d I do? Did I pass?” — Jonathan

5. “It's all so classy and understated.” — Jonathan

6. “Sometimes I think we should move out of the city.” — Grace

7. “You speak of ugliness Mr. Connaver. You have not yet met ugliness.” — Franklin

8. “How weak do you think I am?” — Grace

9. “Put up a fight!” — Franklin

10. “I don’t make jokes. I’m not funny.” — Haley

11. “Everyone presumes they know their own family, but I can assure that’s not the case.” — Jonathan

12. “Are you devoted Grace?” — Haley

13. “Why were you there that night?” — Jonathan

14. “But you weren't everything to her." — Haley

15. “I think we’re gonna win.” — Henry

16. “They conceal their ugly truths to protect themselves.” — Haley

17. “We can lose ourselves sometimes, but it doesn’t undo who we are.” — Jonathan

18. “Whatever secrets you have, it’s my business.” — Grace

19. “I got a feeling you’re hiding something.” — Detective Mendoza

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