Ginny & Georgia Quotes

18 'Ginny & Georgia' Quotes For Loving Yet Sassy Mother's Day Captions


Just like Ginny and Georgia Miller, you and your mom bicker, swap witty comebacks, and are there for each other no matter what. While you're probably not exactly like the Miller family and on the run from a secret from your mother's past, you can still relate to how the pair feels like it's mother and daughter against the world. To toast to how your mom is the rock to your roll, use these Ginny & Georgia quotes for Mother's Day captions that are loving yet sassy.

You can channel the differences between the Netflix show's mother and daughter by snapping a photo of you and your mom wearing polar opposite expressions. Then, pair your pic with a funny line from Ginny about how she's nothing like her mom for an LOL-worthy post. Or, if you're looking for nothing but sweet vibes in your Mother's Day caption, share a throwback photo of you arm-in-arm with your Day 1 using a heartfelt line about parenting from Georgia. Even if your mom doesn't watch the show, she'll be absolutely touched to read these Ginny & Georgia quotes on your Insta.

She may even let out some laughs after reading your post, as some of these Ginny & Georgia quotes for Mother's Day are dripping in sarcasm. After all, the show's young mother of two is a fashionable queen of sass. Matching your fave photo of your mother to a fierce line from Georgia will let everyone know that you've got one cool mom.

  1. "We're like 'Gilmore Girls,' but with bigger boobs." — Georgia
  2. "There's not much typical about my mom." — Ginny
  3. "I finally started to understand my mother." — Ginny
  4. "If we don't protect our kids, who will?" — Georgia
  5. "It's me and you against the world, Kid." — Georgia
  6. "I'd do anything to protect my kids." — Georgia
  7. "My mom knows she's beautiful." — Ginny
  8. "Mom, stop staring at me. It's creepy." — Ginny
  9. "Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree." — Georgia
  10. "My mom has never had trouble with men. It's effortless to her." — Ginny
  11. "I'm nothing like my mom." — Ginny
  12. "Really, Mom? Taking my to the gyno?" — Ginny
  13. "I shouldn't have gone all mom on you." — Georgia
  14. "You're so responsible. Sometimes, I can't believe you came out of me." — Georgia
  15. "She did what she did so she can be the best mom she can be." — Ginny
  16. "She's the kind of crazy you want fighting on your side." — Ginny
  17. "You know who I am, Mom. I'm you, remember?" — Ginny
  18. "This is home to me." — Ginny