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Denim jackets are a staple in pretty much every person's wardrobe. You can wear them in every season with nearly any outfit. They’re simply one of the most versatile and comfortable pieces you can own. But few things are better than an oversized jean jacket, IMO. Since denim can be a bit stiff, getting an oversizes jean jacket gives you plenty of room to move and layer once the weather gets colder.

Jean jackets have been fashionable since they first emerged in the late 1800s. With over a century of popularity, it’s unlikely your jean jacket will go out of style anytime soon. However, there are so many things to take into consideration when picking outa denim staple. Do you prefer cropped or longer? Light, medium, dark, or acid wash? Or do you prefer a different color entirely? Of course, you’re not limited to just one jean jacket, but picking out the perfect once can be a bit of a Goldilocks moment.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed, though. I’ve gathered up some of the best oversized jean jackets on the market in a bunch of different styles, so you can find your dream denim. Good luck not adding all of these to your cart.

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Here are two incredibly classic denim jackets to start. They don't have any bells or whistles; instead, these two coats have the same timeless style that your parents probably wore. With their enduring look, you may even pass these jean jackets down to your own kids.

Add a little flair to your oversized jean jacket by getting one with patches. Since pretty much everyone has a jean jacket, these options are a great way to let your own personality shine through with a graphic pop.

Shun Melson Boutique's Denim Chain Jacket ($52, Shun Melson Boutique) manages to be both oversized and cropped simultaneously, which is my preferred jean jacket look. It pairs wonderfully with all the high-waisted pieces you already own. Not to mention, the chain details gives you a little extra edge.

If you want to show off your intimidating coolness, distressed denim is the way to go. It has the same aura as an eye roll. These two jackets just scream, "It's chill, I don't care," and I love that energy. And you don't even have to worry about tearing them down the line.

Black denim can make your life a little easier. You don't have to worry about accidentally matching your blue jeans to your jacket ever with either of these two options. They're also a great way to enjoy a denim jacket even if you don't love the color blue.

Get funky with it. A two-toned jean jacket is the move if you can't pick your favorite wash. These jackets will still match everything in your closet but will sprinkle some fun to any outfit you pair them with.

The jackets are lined with plush fabric to keep you warm once the colder weather gets here. The collars themselves are (faux) fur-lined, too, to keep your neck safe from the wind. If you're looking to buy a classic denim jacket, you may as well buy from the store that basically started them.

All my dark wash lovers out there: This one's for you. The darker shade is a great way to offset your lighter looks. And, if you prefer your jeans to have a lighter wash, you never have to fear being too matchy-matchy with these jackets in your closet (unless you're into that look, of course).

Just because it's a denim jacket, doesn't mean it can only be a solid color. Since animal print is everywhere lately, why not get it on your most comfortable jacket?

If you like more length with your jackets, check out Avens Womens Blue Longline Distressed Denim Jacket ($53, Walmart). You'll truly feel all wrapped in denim with this super oversized option.

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