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17 Women On Orgasming For The First Time & Exactly What Went Down


Do you remember when you orgasmed for the first time? Maybe you didn't know what was happening at the time, but you knew it felt amazing. Or maybe you knew exactly what you were doing. It could have happened while you exploring you body on your own, or with a partner. Or maybe you just sat on something and it felt funny. But, like, funny good. And afterwards nothing was ever the same again.

Your first big O is such a personal experience, and definitely nothing you should be ashamed of, but still, we don't often share the stories with many other people. And that's a bummer for someone as curious as I am about other women's experiences. Not just because thinking about orgasms is hot — which it is — but because we want to know we're not alone. It's natural to wonder how your first time compares to what was it like for other women they first came.

Thats why I love Reddit so much. If I'm wondering something I can pretty much count on other people to be asking the same thing. A recent Redditor asked "When was your first orgasm and how did it go down?" and the responses were so interesting because it was there was no "normal" answer. Not to brag, but we women are freakin' complex and amazing beings. Anyway, here's what they they had to say.

Most Women Went Solo-Oh-Oh-OMG!

- alexi_lupin

- localgyro

- tc88

- ohhmok

- biochemnerd12

- Pantone877

- Gamerlady71

Who Knew A Pillow Was A Sex Toy? These Lucky Ladies

- mareenah

- HarleySpencer

- worried19

Some Got A Helping Hand

- -Zosia-

- sleepyemoji

- rawrbunny

- FrozenFractalsofIce

No kidding he's your husband now. Anyone who gives you five orgasms every time, you lock that sh*t down!

And Some Got Creative

- thequeen747

- thelaughingpear

- LDN_Escort

No matter how it happened, your first orgasm is unforgettable. Here’s to many (multiples?) more. And if you have a great first orgasm story, tell us in the comments.