Some fans tweeted nice things about the 'Cats' movie amidst the overwhelming hate.

Listen, Not Everyone On Twitter Hates The New 'Cats' Movie

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If you have been on Twitter at any point over the past few months, then there is a pretty good chance that you have seen some wild tweets about the new Cats movie. The film adaptation of the 1980s Andrew Lloyd Weber musical received a ton of blowback before it was even released once its trailer dropped in July. But now that the movie is finally out, there are some fans who are sticking up for it. These nice tweets about the Cats movie show that even though many moviegoers just couldn't get into the CGI at all, others were enamored by the weirdness.

The overwhelming backlash against Cats was immediate after the first trailer dropped, with fans ridiculing the strange, lifelike fur effect en masse. Despite the superstar cast including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, and Jason Derulo, the musical movie only attracted more derision online after it premiered on Dec. 20. Viewers took to Twitter to call the film "nightmare fuel," and the film quickly got skewered on Rotten Tomatoes, where it currently holds an 18% critical score.

But although the negative response to Cats was definitely the loudest, there were still a vocal group of fans who actually found a ton of joy in the strange new movie. Even celebrities like Brie Larson and Cole Sprouse expressed their excitement about the movie, with Larson simply tweeting the movie's name in all caps — implying she may have seen and liked the movie — and Sprouse joking that he was pumped to experience the film in an altered state.

Other moviegoers posted their positive experiences with the movie on Twitter during its opening weekend, with some fans even hailing it as their favorite movie-going experience ever.

From all the responses, it honestly sounds like Cats is one of those so-bad-it's-good movies for most of the people who enjoyed it — which can actually go far in helping to potentially make the film a cult classic. But despite all the buzz around the movie, Cats totally bombed at the box office. The movie only took in around $6 million against a reported $100 million budget in its opening weekend. The negative press certainly must have contributed to that, as well as opening against the final Star Wars movie.

Despite its initial failure, these positive responses — and honestly, some of the negative reviews, too — will likely pique a lot of people's interests in checking out the bizarre, fur-filled flick. One thing definitely seems to be true: you'll either absolutely love your time seeing Cats or completely hate it. So take that gamble, if you dare.