These quarantine Screen Time report memes will help you beat the self-quarantine blues.

These Memes About Screen Time Reports Going Up Are Hilariously Relatable


As most of the country practices social distancing during the novel coronavirus pandemic, people are finding themselves with plenty of spare time. If you've been stuck at home, you've probably been staying entertained by texting your friends and browsing your apps. When you're logging so much extra time on your phone, your screen time report is much higher than you're used to. Plenty of users are sharing hilarious memes on Twitter that'll remind you you're not alone. Here are 16 quarantine screen time report memes to help you laugh off your higher than normal stats.

In addition to taking up baking and setting up virtual game nights during quarantine, many people are turning to the OG time-killer: their phones. People on Twitter have been talking so much about their increased phone usage that it even became a Twitter Moment on Sunday, April 5. The tweets feature users from all over the globe sharing their feels about screen time reports popping up on the their phones on Sunday afternoons.

If you're not familiar, Apple sends out a weekly Screen Time report on Sundays, and it lets you know how many hours per day you've averaged on your phone that week. You can also download a Screen Time app for Android or you can look at your Digital Wellbeing on devices running Android Pie. No matter where you look, the results will probably be similar to what people are sharing on Twitter: shock at the dramatic rise in hours spent on your device.

To help you laugh your way through it, these memes perfectly describe how some things are better left unchecked.

People want Apple to chill out with the screen time updates during quarantine.

It's important to keep calm and carry on, even if your screen time is out of this world.

Don't forget, you're not the only one receiving a shocking report during these stressful times.

Finally, one user not interested in the news shared the perfect solution: turn off your Screen Time reports.

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