These 16 Couple Behaviors Tend To Grate On People's Nerves, So Watch Out
by Candice Jalili

I'm a big believer in refusing to let others dictate the way you live your life. That being said, I also believe in being reasonably considerate. If my behavior is bothering the people I care about, I want to know so that I can work on it. For example, if my boyfriend and I do something that makes my friends feel annoyed or uncomfortable, I'd like to know! Well, in a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies shared the annoying things couples do and I've got some of their best responses here for you.

Of course, if you do any of these things, I'm not saying you need to stop just because these strangers on Reddit find it annoying. But you deserve to know how your behavior affects others. So, without further ado, here they are.

It's not always safe to assume your single friends are less happy than you are.
I’m one of those people that don’t mind the PDA (maybe it’s because it wasn’t a big deal where I grew up); but I CANNOT STAND couples who take pity on single people and just assume their lives are miserable and they would be so much happier if they found someone - basically just assuming being single isn’t a choice


You may love your partner, but posting about it on social media could bother others.
Excessive “I love my spouse” posts on social media. Why not just tell them?


Sometimes, spending all of your time together can make others feel left out.
Excluding others when in public.For example, I went to lunch with my friend and her boyfriend. The whole thing was them making inside jokes and being excessively affectionate- making me feel like an intruder. If you’re at an event like a cocktail party or whatever, it’s ok to separate and talk to other people. Some couples cling to each other for dear life and exclude everyone else.


When you put down your partner in public, they're not the only one you're offending.
Bicker, put each other down and argue in front of others.


When you air your dirty laundry on social media, don't forget that those posts are public.
Joint profiles annoy me the most.
I also can't stand couples who air their beef on social media, then post excessively about how much they love their SO once the argument is over. I can't take the relationship seriously after that.


You may have moved on from your last fight with your bae, but the followers you complained about it to may not have.
I hate when people air their issues on social media and then post about how their partner is the best thing in the world. Oh really, your husband is the “perfect man” because he brought home donuts? He also cheated on you last week but I guess we just aren’t going to talk about that. 🙄


Forgetting your individuality affects the people around you.
Refuse to do anything without the other. Like if you actually cannot be apart, odds are I find you annoying in a million other ways too. Like you are not one person, you are individuals.


Holding hands is cool as long as you walk quickly.
Couples who block the sidewalk by walking slowly while holding hands. MOVE! I love holding hands with my husband but I also realize that other people have places to be.


Treating your SO like they're your parent can rub others the wrong way.
When they say that their SO won't "let" them do something- jokingly or not. They're not your 3rd parent, you're a grown ass adult. If they won't "let" you do something, you make wanna rethink this union.


PDA can make others feel uncomfortable.
PDA, a little peck is fine but I can’t stand seeing couples making out in public


People don't always buy the perfect image you try to paint of your relationship on social media.
Portraying an image of themselves as a “perfect” couple to the public, and vilifying you if you and your SO, like any couple, have problems and don’t also try to keep up this charade.
I see it on here a lot with the questions like, “what’s the worst thing you’ve ever said to your SO?” And the top answer will be like, “I told him to take out the trash. Tee hee!” I get that you think your partner is great, but if you’re with someone day in and day out for years, there will be times when you’re less than cordial to each other. That’s just a fact of two humans spending a lot of time together.


Sometimes your friends want to hang out with you and you alone.
Invite themselves to planned one on one meetings. I understand being inclusive to couples at large parties, but sometimes I just want to see my friend and not their boyfriend/girlfriend. It ruins the mechanic and I feel awkward or left out when I originally planned on a one on one talk.
Also, airing crap on social media. I knew a woman who facebooked every single thing wrong with her relationship and constantly switched her status to "it's complicated" every time they got in a fight.


People don't want to be with around you when you've just had a fight.
Invite people over when they have clearly had a fight and make the whole fucking visit uncomfortable as shit. Like they didn't argue in front of you, but the tension is just too fucking high- they are being overly nice to each other, almost brittle and the fight only ended because you were coming over and nothing is resolved- TELL ME TO STAY HOME. IT IS OK. I don't mind, just don't put me through it too.


Comparing your relationship to those of others can make them feel uncomfy.
So I'm in a long term relationship but I find it uncomfortable when other couples moan or complain about their partners non-stop. And especially if they ask me to chime in about my own or "use" my relationship as evidence for their own arguments.


Being too sappy on social media can turn some of your followers off.
Constantly posting on social media about how much you love each other and just overly sappy shit on a regular basis. Like okay I’m happy for yall but why are you trying so hard to prove it to the public? Understandable if you’re teenagers but kinda weird past that age


Alienating your friends for your SO can hurt them more than you realize.
Not be able to go anywhere without the other one. When my roommate was still with her now-ex, I would go out to dinner with her and then she would invite him even though we were already mostly done with our meal and he would just show up there. It always irritated me because she never asked or gave me the heads-up, and then he would just be there. Can't you guys be apart for an hour and meet her afterwards?


If you read these and are thinking, "Meh, I still love making out with my boyfriend in public," more power to ya! Keeping doing what you do. If you read it and thought, "Hmmm maybe I should take our PDA down a notch," that's cool too! Now, no matter what you decide, the point is you're making a more informed decision.

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