What 15 Women Actually Want For Valentine's Day, According To 15 People

Come Valentine's Day, some people are content with a simple bouquet of roses, or a box of delicious chocolates. For them, it's the thought that counts and the thought of their partner choosing a gift from the front display at CVS is fine by them. These are genuinely good people. From my snark, you can tell that I am not one of them. One-size-fits-all "Valentine's Day gifts for women" don't really exist, because every woman has different wants and needs.

Before you judge me harshly and before I snag some mentions on Twitter: I promise I'm not an a-hole. It's not that I want a $125 face cream for Valentine's Day instead of a box of See's candies, it's just that I'm a particular person and I don't want anyone to waste their money on something that might sit unused on my desk... forever.

While it is the thought counts, I genuinely don't require any sort of Valentine's gift, even if I decide to get you one. Sure, picking up the tab at dinner or a sweet card is incredibly kind, but I'm just not a present person. Before you @ me yet again, I took to Reddit to find out if I was the only woman whose distaste for presents makes her jerk-adjacent. Good news: I'm not the only one! Here are 15 women on what they really want this Valentine's Day.

1. Nothing At All

"Nothing. I don't care about Valentine's day." —thunderling

See?! I didn't select this solely to prove my point, the majority of the responses mentioned skipping gift-giving on Valentine's Day entirely.

2. Food, Namely: Korean Barbecue

"Korean barbecue. That is all." —starfish-and-coffee

I mean, same. Always.

3. Just A Date Night

"An actual date night. Husband and I don’t get much alone time with two kids under the age of 5 (soon to be three). An actual night out to go to dinner or see a movie would be nice" —PhoenixTears14

Someone get them a babysitter!

4. Food Part Two: Tacos

"Tacos would be nice (it's become our tradition), but I really don't want anything." —PandorasTrunk

Tacos are literally my favorite food so I am very on board with this.

5. Cuddling

"Well I'm single - but in a perfect world V-day would be all about hibernation level cuddling. Maybe a back rub? just a lot of tactile experiences." —RoseGoldThrifter


6. To Skip It

"What I actually want is for people to realise what a silly and blown up concept Valentine's Day really is." —_lucifersam

Meta, and I like it.

7. To Give Gifts, Not Receive Them

"to show my friends and boyfriend that i care. <3" —rlyoldlady

Are you an angel? This is very adorable.

8. For Everyone To Save Their Money

"Nothing. I would rather my husband save his money and take me on a date night when it’s not super crowded everywhere. —BitchFromTheNews

I like this logic-minded approach to the day. Makes me feel less bitter and single for having the same opinion of gift-buying on V Day.

9. A Chill Dinner

We are planning on having dinner at his place. I'm looking forward to it and I don't expect anything more than spending time with each other without other people around. —ashmoe32

Sounds ideal.

10. See's Candies

A box of See's candy all to myself. —drunkenknitter

There's always one...

11. Silence Of The Lambs

Usually we do rosé and dark chocolate but Criterion is releasing their Silence of the Lambs 4k restoration that day so it's a total no-brainer. —NewDriverStew

Can I be a part of this couple?

12. To Stay Home And Share Eyeballs

"I used to say I didn't care about Valentine's day, but I found myself feeling bummed everytime we skipped it. It's not that I want presents or an expensive date. I would honestly rather stay home, but I still want to something special. Just to spend time sharing eyeballs would be nice, over dinner or a board game." —appleydappley

I feel like you should all be coming around to my earlier point now...

13. A Girlfriend

"A girlfriend." —Poppy29252


14. A Boyfriend

"A boyfriend would be pretty great." —NFrog97

Same, girl, same.

15. To Indulge

"Sex & Pizza." —laundryandblowjobs

A realist. I like this plan.

There you have it. The women of Reddit are easy to please, so the women of real life will be as well. It's nice to put some effort in, but not waste time stressing over a physical gift. HVD!

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