15 Tweets About TXT's "9 & Three Quarters" Video That Will Make Your Day

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There's exciting news and then, there's this. Fans of TXT have been waiting on the edges of their seats for the band's new album and they just received a first taste of what it will sound like. The record's lead single, "9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)," is HERE. Yep, that's right, the world was blessed with a new music video from TXT today. Obvi, fans are kind of freaking out. The über passionate fanbase of the K-Pop superstars are basically the most supportive bunch out there and these 15 tweets about TXT's "9 And Three Quarters" video are pure gold.

Fans already knew something special was coming after the guys released the official tracklist for their forthcoming album, Dream Chapter: MAGIC. The group, comprised of Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai, has some pretty interesting song titles. With bops like "Poppin' Star," and "Can't We Just Leave The Monster Alive?," I couldn't wait to sit and listen to every single song on the album and now I'm happy I can do just that because The Dream Chapter: MAGIC just dropped on Oct. 21.

That's right. Apart from a new single, TXT gifted fans with their entire The Dream Chapter: MAGIC album. If you're familiar with the K-Pop world, you'll know that comebacks usually consist of a new single, new music video, and new album, and that's what comeback days so special.

I'm beyond excited that TXT's "9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)" has officially arrived and I know you are too. I mean, just look at these posts that are currently filling the Twittersphere. The TXT boys just might break the internet.

The Hype Before The Song's Release Was Next Level

TXT's dedicated MOA were beyond ready for the new song and video.

"I just want to hear @TXT_members new song already!!! I CANT WAIT!!!" one person wrote.

"I wonder what the new song will be about, love? Friendship? Dream?" one fan questioned.

"I bet txt's new song's gonna be that kinda of cheerful song but with deep dark lyrics👀👀," one person prophesied.

Then The Video Hit The Internet & Twitter Went Wild

TXT fans have every right to be excited right now because the group's "9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)" music video is so magical. With lyrics like, "Run away, run away, run away with me," Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai imagine themselves an exciting and magical world. In individual shots of the members, they look bored and restless. So they turn on their imaginations and change the ordinary to the extraordinary.

According to a press release, that's exactly what the song is about. "The song tells a story about the magical moment that unfolds when the boys are together. The lyrics suggest eloping into a special magical place that is only open to their friends."

Watch this story unfold in the "9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)" music video below.

MOA, get ready to enter a whole new world because TXT's The Dream Chapter: MAGIC is here and it's all kinds of magical.