Jack Weber gives his brother, Peter Weber, advice on "The Bachelor."

LOL, Twitter Really Wants Hannah Ann To Date Peter's Little Brother


Pilot Peter Weber seemed to create his own drama by changing his mind about pretty much every decision and contestant on The Bachelor, but it was his relationship with his family that seemed to really stir things up. While his mother, Barbra, and his father, Peter Sr., were characters in themselves, it was a different Weber who had fans feelings some type of way. But while many viewers are wishing they could hand a rose to the younger Weber, there are a ton of others who have a different partner in mind for him. These tweets about Peter’s brother Jack and Hannah Ann show fans are shipping them hard.

Since Jack Weber's first TV appearance during hometowns on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, fans have been smitten. During his chat with Hannah B., Jack spoke of his relationship with his brother, explaining he's more pragmatic while Peter is more romantic. Despite their differences, though, the brothers have a lot in common. They're both good-looking pilots, so if Hannah Ann liked Peter, she could easily like Jack too. Plus, at 25, he's closer to her age.

Additionally, Hannah Ann already has an in with the Weber family. After seeing how much Jack and Peter's mom, Barb, loved Hannah Ann from the moment they met in Australia, it seems like she would do anything to have the model in her family.

But don't get too excited about this prospect. Not only have neither Hannah Ann nor Jack shown any romantic interest in one another, according to @JettinJack's Instagram, Pete's younger brother is not exactly single. The UCLA alumni started posting photos with Kristine Bruunandersen around October 2019, and considering how cozy they look, it seems ~pretty serious.~

Despite Jack very apparently having a partner, fans still can't help but joke about a Hannah Ann and Jack love story, with Barb pulling the strings, of course.

Whatever Jack ends up doing with his dating life, here's to hoping both Weber brothers find the love they're looking for.