15 Relatable Truths About Sisters That'll Make You Say, "Same"

If you've ever been asked what it's like to have a sister, you know it's almost impossible to explain. How can you really put into words what it's like to have a best friend since birth who understands you better than anyone else? No one can truly relate unless they have a sister of their own. In fact, coming up with a textbook definition is the ultimate struggle. Though, as a sis, you know there are just some truths about sisters that'll make you say, "Same," whenever you hear them.

Every sisterhood is unique in its own way, but there's no denying that there are some truths that are likely consistent in every family. You know your sis will be there for you, no matter what. You also know you can just look at your sister, and she'll know exactly what you're thinking. You might even have endless inside jokes that still make you laugh until you cry years later. These are the obvious ones, but there are also 15 additional truths that every sister can relate to.

I know when my sister and I watch a movie together, like Sisters starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, we can laugh extra hard anytime there's something all too relatable on the screen. So, the next time someone asks you what it's like having a sis, just list off each one of these perks that you cherish so dearly.

You Swap Clothes, Creating The Ultimate Wardrobe

It's a universal truth that whatever's in your sister's closet becomes yours as well (and vice versa). You've been swapping sweaters and tank tops since day one, so you're experts at it.

If you looked in your closet right now, you'd probably be able to find at least one thing that belongs to your sis that you should probably give back soon. Oops!

You're Close To Her Best Friends, And She's Close To Yours, Too

Your best friend feels like a sister, and that's because your actual sis has embraced her just like family. You're so close to your BFF, and your sis knows that she means the world to you, so she loves her just the same. You might even have a joint squad of friends that goes on the best brunch adventures and road trips.

She Can Be Annoying AF At Times, But You Still Love Her
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Even the greatest of sisters have their disagreements. At times, your sis may do things that really push your buttons, but at the end of the day, you still love her. You know that you could never actually stay mad at your sis for a long time — you just wish she would give you back your favorite sweater already!

You Keep Each Other's Secrets Locked Away
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Every secret is kept safely locked away with your sis. You know that you can go to her for valuable advice about a crush, without fear that she'll run off and spill the tea to someone else. She might also still be keeping her lips sealed on who broke Grandma's vase, even though it happened years ago. That's a secret you'll take to the grave.

Growing Up, You Tried To Find Her Diary
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Guilty as charged. There's no denying that when you were a little kid, you snooped around your sister's room a few times when she wasn't home. Who knows — maybe you hit the jackpot and found her diary!

You Know All Of Her Pet Peeves, And She Knows Yours
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You know exactly how to push your sister's buttons. This has come in handy whenever you wanted to get your way, like taking over the remote for family movie night or when she wouldn't let you borrow her dress. It's all in good fun, because you know she can retaliate knowing your pet peeves as well.

You Have Each Other To Lean On During Family Events
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You love your family — you really do — but sometimes, family events and holidays can be a bit much. You're tired of explaining to distant relatives what your job is, or why you're single. Luckily, you have your sis to stand by your side and field all of the annoying questions with you. Phew!

She's Always There When You Need To Talk Or Spill The Tea

You know that no matter what time of day it is, you can call or text your sister and she will respond ASAP. She's always been there to listen to you vent, and respond with the best pieces of advice you never knew you needed to hear. She's there for you, and that will never change, no matter the distance.

She Helps You Get Through Any Tough Times

Your sister really does understand you better than anyone else. She might even know you better than you know yourself at times. Whenever you're going through a rough patch, she knows exactly what to say to help cheer you up.

When my dad got sick, the only person who was able to help me cope was my sister. She said the things I really needed to hear, and not just the things that sounded right.

She's The Best Cheerleader
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Your sister wants the best for you. Sure, there's some friendly sisterhood competition, but it's always to push you further. There's nothing your sister wants more than for you to succeed in all aspects of life.

You're Each Other's Role Models, No Matter Who's The Oldest
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It doesn't matter who's the oldest and who's the baby — you likely look to your sister as a role model. You may be very similar in some ways, but there are always positive qualities in your sis that you strive for in yourself. You will always put your sis on the highest pedestal ever, because she truly is the best.

Sometimes, People Mix You Up
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In school, you may have gotten mistaken for your sister a lot, and vice versa. It's annoying sometimes, but by now, you just laugh and make a joke out of it.

The Shared Bathroom Has Seen Many Fights Over The Years

If you shared a bathroom with your sis growing up, you know there have been many fights over it. You think your sis takes too long in the shower, and your sis thinks you leave your clothes everywhere. You may bicker over silly things, but ultimately, it has honestly prepared you for living with roommates. Now that's a valuable lesson you're eternally grateful for.

She Knows Every #TBT You Post On Instagram
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The best part about having a sister is she was there since day one. Any old pic of the two of you playing dress-up brings back so many great memories, and you love having someone to share those memories with.

It's perfect for someone like me who truly goes through throwback moments when the nostalgia is all too real. I love having my sis there to laugh with.