Send Your Match One Of These 15 Texts If You're Ready To FaceTime

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Let's be honest, dating in 2020 is super weird. With the arrival of COVID-19, it feels like many of the old rules are out the window — for now at least. That doesn't mean romance is on hold; it just might look a little different at the moment and there's definitely a whole new set of dating rules. For instance, if you connected with someone on a dating app in the past, the next step might have been making a plan to meet up. Now, it's all about virtual dates. Sending a text when you’re ready for a FaceTime date is the new equivalent of asking someone to grab a coffee. As with any situation when you're asking someone out, it can be a bit nerve-wracking and might even give you a little texter’s block. Fortunately, you're not navigating these unknown waters alone. In fact, if you're feeling like you want to take things to the next level virtually, but are just kind of stumped about how to broach the subject, here are some ideas for FaceTime invitation texts to help inspire you. Then it's just about boosting up that confidence so your best self can shine through the screen when you fire up FaceTime (and potentially your love life).

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1. You’re great. What do you say we take this to FaceTime and get to know each other a little better?

2. We’ve been chatting for a while so I was wondering if you might be up for a FaceTime date.

3. OK, so I’m about to say the most 2020 thing ever... want to go on a FaceTime date with me?

4. You're so funny! I wouldn’t mind getting some more face time with you! Get it? Because, you know, FaceTime?

5. Chatting with you has been so fun! I’m ready to see your Face(Time) if you’re into it.

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6. Wanna FaceTime? Or should we just wait for Nev to introduce us on our episode of Catfish?

7. What are you doing later? Wanna hop on FaceTime and have a little virtual date?

8. FaceTime and chill?

9. I think it’s time for your face to meet mine. So, wanna FaceTime?

10. [After a typo] Clearly I can’t spell today lol! Wanna FaceTime instead?

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11. Text is not doing this story justice, what do you say we hop on FaceTime and you can finish it there?

12. My face wants to spend some time with your face. Can you pick up what I’m putting down here?

13. Enough with the chit-chat, let’s FaceTime!

14. So you remember how I mentioned I wanted to chat for a bit before we had a video date? Well, I’m ready now if you are.

15. I’m feeling cute right now, wanna FaceTime? 😉

See, it doesn't have to be that hard to make the first move. If you're ready for a virtual date night, don't be shy. Speak up and let your date know what time it is: FaceTime.

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