Here Are 15 Texts To Send When You Get Rejected, For Minimal Awkwardness

Shanelle Infante, Elite Daily

Picture this: You're waiting to hear from that person you went on a great first date with, or the crush you've recently confessed to, only to receive the sort of reply you've been dreading: a rejection text. Talk about deflating. Unfortunately, rejection is often a part of dating, but it's thankfully something you can learn to take in stride. Sure, it stings, but knowing how to respond by having texts to send when you get rejected is a great first step toward brushing it off and moving on.

It can also help to remember that most rejections aren't actually about you, so you don't have to internalize them, as Connell Barrett, Dating Transformation founder and dating coach with The League, previously told Elite Daily. His advice is that, rather than assuming someone not being interested in you romantically means you're "not good enough," is to take it for what it is: valuable information. "Someone who’s only had a date or two with you can’t really reject you because they don’t even know you," explained Barrett. "All they’re really saying is, 'We’re not a good fit,' or 'You’re not my type.' It’s not rejection. It’s just information." So, the next time you get a rejection text from someone, instead of being hard on yourself, shoot them off one of these messages to defuse the awkwardness and help you start bouncing back.

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1. No worries at all. Seriously, thanks for letting me know.

2. I understand and thanks for being honest. Good luck out there.

3. It’s been fun and I’m sorry things didn’t work out. But that's just how it goes sometimes and I totally get it.

4. Hmm, now what am I gonna do with this engagement ring? LOL. But seriously, I appreciate you being honest.

5. Hey, thanks for just telling me how you feel, that’s way classier than just ghosting. Best of luck out here.

6. Cool, friends it is!

7. That’s OK, I totally understand. It was still really fun getting to know you!

8. It's cool, see you around sometime!

9. No problem! Sorry if that was awkward. Friends?

10. I know that was probably a really hard message to write, so even though it's not the answer I was hoping for I want you to know I appreciate you being honest.

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11. I can’t lie, that’s bummer, but I get it. Want to be friends?

12. New phone, who does? Just kidding, thanks for telling me the truth.

13. I think you misspelled "you're my soulmate." LOL, just kidding, I totally get it.

14. They say honesty's the best policy, and I wouldn't expect anything less from someone like you.

15. Don’t text anything. You’re too busy moving on to sweat replying to someone who isn’t feeling you in the way you deserve.

Dealing with rejection is rarely easy and it almost always stings, but dealing with it with dignity and class can help you feel better faster. And ultimately, their honesty just frees you up to find a better match with someone else who'll truly get why you're so amazing.

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Connell Barrett, Dating Transformation founder and dating coach with The League