Send These 15 Texts After A Great Socially-Distanced First Date

Although maintaining 6 feet of distance on a first date might not sound like the most romantic scenario, it's possible to adhere to social distancing recommendations while still having a great date. The ideal texts to send after a socially-distanced first date don't have to be complicated. As with any other positive follow-up message you'd send after a successful first date, the goal should be to communicate that you had a good time, and would be open to meeting up again. Here are some examples of texts that will keep the vibes fun and light, while also setting the stage for another date.

1. "Hi [their name], that was a lot of fun! Let's do it again soon."

2. "I had a great time tonight, looking forward to round two!"

3."I think that might have been the best park date, ever.😉"

4."That was so nice! I hope you had as much fun as I did. ✨"

5. "I am still lol-ing about that story you told me. Hopefully, we can find the time to laugh together again soon."

6. "If sitting on the beach was that great, I think we'd definitely ace a dinner date."

7. "So, how are we going to top that date? It was so much fun!"

8. "I must say, that was one of the best dates I've had all quarantine!"

9. "I hope you have a beautiful rest of the evening. If you have a [insert food/restaurant/snack you talked about] craving this week, let me know and we can meet up for another snack attack.🍔 🌯 💕 "

10. "I had a really nice time with you, and I’d like to see you again. Let me know what your schedule looks like next week. 😘"


11. "Hey [their name], I really enjoyed going on that [hike/walk/activity] with you yesterday. Next time I'll have to show you my secret [hiking/walking] spot."

12. "I had no idea that the view from [insert location] was so breathtaking! Thanks for the invite. 😊"

13. "Those [tacos/fries/drinks] were amazing! How do you feel about being my official food manager? 😂"

14. "Who knew going on a walk could be so much fun? Let's do it again soon."

15. "Have a great night. Talk to you soon. ✨"

Dating during the coronavirus pandemic can be tough, but it's still possible to make meaningful connections. Embracing the restrictions on physical contact and learning to enjoy yourself despite the challenges presented by social distancing can also reveal a lot about compatibility. If you can have fun doing simple things like walking through the park or sitting on the beach, then that's definitely a sign that you and your date are off to a good start.