15 Mother’s Day Zoom Backgrounds to kick off the holiday

Kick Off The Mother's Day Celebrations With These Festive Zoom Backgrounds

by Daffany Chan

Virtual backgrounds allow you to easily spice up your Zoom call for any occasion. For instance, if you're looking to set the scene for a remote Mother's Day celebration, you can swap out your physical background for a festive one. Nothing is the same as being there in person, but here are 15 Mother's Day Zoom backgrounds you can use to help make your chat a little more celebratory.

If you're planning to connect with your loved ones virtually for the holiday, you'll probably want to replace your messy bedroom with a more festive aesthetic. No need to give your mom an excuse to tell you tidy up the place, amirte? Thankfully, there are plenty of background options that'll help you show off your appreciation the mother figures in your life.

To use Zoom's virtual background feature, you'll need to make sure you meet the minimum requirements, which are Zoom version 4.6.0 on your PC or Mac, or an updated version of the Zoom mobile app on an iPhone 8 or later. You can also use an iPad if it's a fifth generation or later. If you meet the Zoom requirements but the backgrounds are still not working, you may need to update your computer operation system.

To use the backgrounds, sign into Zoom with your account and go to the Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the right corner of the homepage. Then, select the Virtual Background tab and click the plus icon (+) to upload the background of your choice. From there, you can upload an image. Zoom recommends using high-resolution images from a royalty-free image service like Pixabay, Unsplash, or Pexels. Check out these Mother's Day options to get you started. If you want to change a background while in a Zoom meeting, you can go to the video camera icon in the bottom left corner, tap the up arrow, and select "Choose Virtual Background..."

1. Bouquet of Flowers

This background from Unsplash features a pretty bouquet of red, white, and pink flowers in a rustic pitcher.

2. Happy Mother's Day Note

Give your loved one a virtual note with this background from Unsplash.

Karolina Bobek/Unsplash

3. Mum

This adorable background from Unsplash features a simple gift tag addressed to "Mum," on a white lace backdrop.

4. Wall Graffiti

Show off your colorful side with this graffiti heart background from Unsplash.

5. Flowers

This background from Unsplash features a close-up of vibrantly colored flowers.

6. Bouquets of Flowers

This background from Unsplash includes many bouquets of ranunculus, anemones and daffodils.

Zoe Schaeffer/Unsplash

7. Pink Flowers

This background from Unsplash sets the perfect spring scene, thanks to pale pink tulips wrapped in bouquet.

8. Fireworks

Show your mom a real celebration with this background from Unsplash, which spells out "love" with fireworks.

9. Flower Greeting

This background from Pixabay includes an "I love you" card nestled among pink roses.

10. Mother's Day Stars

Take your Mother's Day party to the great outdoors with this starry background from Pixabay.

11. Mother's Day Illustration

This fun background from Pixabay features a colorful illustration for mom.


12. Rose Petals

The dreamy rose petals in this background from Pixabay are the perfect way to wish "Happy Mother's Day."

13. Wrapped Gift

You can give your loved one a surprise with this background from Pixabay, which comes complete with red ribbon and heart.

14. Board Games

This background from Pixabay uses Scrabble pieces to spell out "Mother's Day."

Wokandapix /Pixabay

15. Seasonal Bouquet

This background from Pixabay features larger than life flowers that come to life on your screen.

As you can see, there are plenty of bright colors and Mother's Day messages to choose from. If you choose a background with a note, make sure you have unchecked the "Mirror my video" option in your Virtual Background settings, so your mom can read the writing on the screen. Once you've picked out the perfect background, you're all set for a virtual Mother's Day celebration.