15 Messages To Send A Dating App Match When You Want To Move To Texting

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There comes a time in every promising dating app exchange when it feels right to transition from messaging on the app, to texting. If finessing this step forward feels tricky, coming up with messages to send a match to move to texting can help you avoid any unnecessary awkwardness. The key to maintaining the good vibes is to ensure the transition feels as natural as possible.

Try to take your time! Rushing to start communicating away from the app too soon might not be to your advantage. Exchanging phone numbers can give someone access to a host of other information about you, including your social media handles, email address, physical address, and even your location, USA Today reports. So once you feel confident your match can be trusted and the timing feels right, here are some casual ways to drop the hint.

1. "It's been really nice chatting with you! I don't check this app often, so feel free to shoot me a text. My number is [insert your number here]."

2. "Here's my number, if communicating via text is easier!"

3. "It seems like we definitely have some things in common. Let's keep in touch. My number is [insert your number here]."

4. "Why don't we exchange numbers and pick up where we left off?"

5. "Well, I've definitely been LOL-ing a lot since we've been chatting. I think that's a good sign. Why don't you shoot me a text the next time you're free? My number is [insert your number here]."

6. "I'm looking forward to seeing you in the park this weekend! Here's my number. [Insert number here]."

7. "Are we still on for that virtual happy hour? Here's my number: [Insert number here]."

8. "I hope your [insert event] goes well! Shoot me a text after and let me know how it went. [Insert number here]."

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9. "[Insert reference to something funny they said]. BTW, here's my number in case you need it. 😉"

10. "Let me know what time works for you. My number is, [Insert number here]."

11. "You know, I'm much more charming over text. HMU? [Insert number here.]"

12. "I answer waaaay quicker over text! I'm at [Insert number here.]"

13. "Shoot me a text! [Insert number here.] Send me your three favorite emojis so I know it's you 😉."

14. "Wanna switch to text? It's just soooo much easier! [Insert number here.]"

15. "I'd love to hear more about this! Wanna shoot me a text? [Insert number here.]"

Once you feel like your dating app match can be trusted in your iMessages, shoot your shot, single lady. What have you got to lose?

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