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15 Halloween-Themed Sexts That’ll Send A Chill Up Your Partner’s Spine


There's something about Halloween that's just so sexy. Maybe it's the revealing costumes, the masks, or the smell of pumpkin spice blowing on the wind. It could also be the emphasis on being a little wicked. Or maybe it's the sugar rush from all those fun-size candy bars you inhaled. Whatever the case, the fact remains that there's just something about this time of year that brings out our naughty sides. So, why not lean into it with a few Halloween-themed sexts to make sure you get your favorite kind of holiday treat.

The key here is to not take yourself too seriously and just have fun with it. After all, it's ultimately about teasing your partner and letting them know just how you'd like to celebrate the season with them. Not sure what to say? No worries. Here's some inspiration to get those festively frisky fingers typing. They're sure to put some extra sexy in your Samhain.

1. What do you say we get a little extra pumpkin spicy tonight? I promise you’ll have a gourd time.

2. Love the costume, but mostly I just want to see what’s underneath.

3. This Halloween something wicked is coming. Spoiler alert: It’s you and me.

4. I’m in the mood for a little trick or treating tonight. I’ll show you a trick and you give me a treat.

5. If you’re feeling a little frisky tonight, then I’m your ghoul.

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6. Let’s play werewolf and make each other howl.

7. Let’s play Little Red Riding Hood. That’s the game where I get eaten by a big bad wolf.

8. Let’s play the ghost game where we wear nothing but sheets and make each other moan.

9. Let’s play mummy and get wrapped up in each other.

10. Let’s play haunted house and I’ll try to scare your clothes off.

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11. Are you a skeleton? Because I’m looking for a great bone tonight.

12. Psst. I'm wearing nothing but a witch hat and heels. Get over here.

13. Are you a vampire? Because you’ve got me feeling bloody sexy tonight.

14. Have I mentioned lately what a zom-babe you are? Now why don’t you get over here and eat me.

15. This year we might not get to party in the streets, but we can still be Halloween freaks in the sheets.

If Halloween gets you in the mood, don't hold back. Go on and let your festive freak flag fly high with a text that makes it clear you're in the mood for a very intimate holiday celebration.