15 DMs To Send Your High School Crush If You Want To Shoot Your Shot

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I can't speak for everyone, but I have a feeling most people didn't have the sexual confidence of a CW show character in high school. (Thanks for the unrealistic expectations, Gossip Girl.) The actors in Riverdale and Legacies aren't played by real teenagers, and for IRL teens, revealing a crush can be scary AF. Luckily, in those formative years following your high school graduation, you may gain the confidence to finally hit up the hottie who sat behind you in biology. Below, some suggestions for DMs to send your high school crush, so if you're not sure how to shoot your shot, then these can get you started.

Sliding into someone's DMs is intimidating, and it can be even more nerve-wracking when that someone has potentially known you since you had braces (or maybe even longer). Unlike people you meet after high school, your teenage crush likely knows how well you did in school, how popular you were, and how uncoordinated you were in gym class. That shared history can be both a blessing and a curse, but if that doesn't faze you, try shooting your crush one of these DMs. If it doesn't go well, it's not like the whole school will find out, right?

Casual DMs
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1. Your IG Stories never fail to make me laugh. How have you been?

2. You know what I was thinking about the other day? Remember when [shared memory]? How are you, BTW?

3. It seems like you've been seriously busy since high school. I'd love to catch up with you over drinks.

4. I just saw your latest post. Congrats on [major life event]! I should take you out to celebrate.

5. This is random, but I really wish I'd gotten to know you better in high school. Want to get lunch sometime so we can get reacquainted?

Funny DMs

6. I randomly found our old high school yearbook today and thought, "Huh, I wonder what [name] is up to these days?" (Was that convincing or can you tell I'm just looking for an excuse to talk to you?)

7. Confession time: My biggest regret from high school is never asking you out. (And also wearing jeggings up until senior year.)

8. Hey, guess what? My friend has a crush on you. Also, that friend is me.

9. Totally hypothetical question: What would you say if I told you I've been crushing on you since ninth grade? Just curious.

10. I have something to tell you, but I feel like this underrated Paula Abdul song says it best.

Flirty DMs
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11. NGL, you've gotten even cuter since our days in [class subject] together.

12. It's been [number] years since we graduated from high school, but I'm still mad you didn't win the senior superlative for Best Looking — you were totally robbed. (I voted for you tho.)

13. I was reading my diary from high school the other day, and wow. I almost forgot how big of a crush I had on you.

14. Would it be weird if I said I used to fantasize about you in high school (and that I still sometimes fantasize about you now)?

15. So I'm going ask you what I never had the guts ask you in high school: Do you want to go on a date?

It doesn't matter whether you were the queen bee, the band geek, or the quietest kid in your class. After high school, everyone is on a level playing field. So go ahead and send your crush that DM — what have you got to lose?

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