Judy on 'Dead to Me' Season 2

These 'Dead To Me' Season 2 Memes Are Honestly So Relatable


This may be an odd thing to say about a show filled with murder, infidelity, corruption, and car crashes, but Dead to Me is high-key relatable. Though the drama, tension, and heartbreak hopefully isn't super-familiar to viewers of the show, the comedy, friendships, and feminist lessons certainly can be. Plus, even the most outlandish moments from the series are able to bring people together, even if it's just because fans are bonding over how nervous Jen and Judy's antics make them. One look at Twitter confirms this; there are countless Dead to Me Season 2 memes out there that will immediately make fans feel seen.

Warning: Light spoilers for Dead to Me Season 2 follow. If you think your kindred spirit is Jen, Judy, or another complicated and fascinating character from Dead to Me (hello, Shandy-identifiers), you are definitely not alone. Part of what makes the Netflix hit so popular is how it somehow combines soap opera-level plot lines with real AF scenes fans can actually picture themselves experiencing IRL. From the highly teachable moments to the clapbacks that actually made you LOL, Season 2 was filled with moments that made audiences from all walks of life say "same."

Of course, there's also the contingent of viewers who find relatability in the show simply because they know fellow viewers are going through the same emotions they are while watching it. Season 2 drew major reactions from audiences in pretty much every episode, and fans simply couldn't help channeling their feelings about them into memes.

Being a Dead to Me fan isn't all fun and games, though. Not only is the show stressful AF, but also, because Netflix releases all the episodes in a season at once, it's super-easy to marathon the whole thing in a few sittings (or even one sitting — no judgement). That means the joy of watching new Dead to Me episodes is pretty short-lived, and the feeling of loss after finishing a season is made even more excruciating thanks to all the cliffhangers that'll have fans scratching their heads for a long time.

As soon as fans finished Season 2, they were hit with the realization of what they'd done. At least they have fellow fandom members to commiserate with.

Dead to Me Season 2 is on Netflix now.