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Try These 15 Convo Starters For Dating App Matches Who Love To Travel


It's almost impossible to swipe through a dating app without coming across matches who enjoy taking trips and experiencing new things. If you've also been bitten by the travel bug, you're definitely going to need some dating app opening lines that will help you reel in your next travel partner. Dating profiles that mention someone's interest in travel can also offer some valuable insight into who they are and what they value. So, the next time you match with an avid traveler, consider breaking the ice by talking about their favorite thing.

1. "So, what's your favorite seat on the plane? I'm definitely an aisle person 😉"

2. "Hey there! I noticed you're into traveling. What was your most memorable experience on the road?"

3. "What is your favorite part about visiting somewhere new?

4. "As far as onboard entertainment goes, are you a movie watcher, book reader, napper, or all of the above?"

5. "If you were in charge of planning our honeymoon, where would we go?"

6. "Would you rather spend a week camping in the deserts of Morocco, or soaking up the beaches of Thailand?"

7. "I must say, that sunset photo is one of the best I've seen all week! Where was it taken? 😍"

8. "I've heard a ton of great things about [fill-in-the-blank destination mentioned in their profile]! How was it?"

9. "Name one city you wouldn't mind being stranded in for a month."

10. "What's the most memorable meal you've ever eaten abroad?"


11. "If we got lost in the Amazon together, what would be your strategy for getting us home?"

12. "If you could pick up and move to any place in the world, where would you go?"

13. "What songs would you include on the ultimate travel playlist?:

14. "If you could only re-visit one of all the places you've been to so far, which would you choose and why?"

15. "If we were dating, would you share your frequent flyer miles with me?"

There are plenty of cute ways you can break the ice with a new match who likes to travel, especially if the feeling is mutual. Exchanging vacation stories and comparing notes on destinations of interest is also a fun and light-hearted way to connect with someone new. Plus, if you really hit it off, your first trip as a couple will already be planned out.