'Camp Rock' is viral on TikTok

15 'Camp Rock' TikToks That Recreate The Movie's Most Ridiculous Scenes

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The Disney Channel created more than a few iconic movies that defined childhoods of the 2000s. If you're anything like me, one of those movies is Camp Rock. It was Demi Lovato's breakout role, and also the main reason tweens all across the country begged their parents for guitar lessons. While it's truly an epic film, some of the scenes you probably thought were so normal as a kid turned out to be just a little bit ridiculous upon rewatching. If you haven't yet noticed these idiosyncrasies just yet, don't fret; there are plenty of Camp Rock TikToks out there to point them out.

Camp Rock came out in 2008, when layering three tank tops and wearing head-to-toe sequins were part of an everyday look. Demi Lovato wasn't a household name yet, so fans were blown away by her talent in the movie. Oh, and the Jonas Brothers were cool AF (though TBH, that hasn't changed), so their appearance on Camp Rock made the movie a must-watch.

It was a star-studded Disney cast filled with musical moments and, honestly, some pretty inspiring life lessons. But some of those scenes that made the movie so memorable are pretty funny when you look back at them. The latest trend on TikTok is about recreating these Camp Rock moments, sparking both childhood nostalgia and grown-up cynicism.

Even the cast of Camp Rock got in on recreating the movie's infamous moments. There's Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, who played Ella in both Camp Rock movies (and mean girl Ashley in Hannah Montana), who has made multiple videos poking fun at her former roles. And then, of course, there's Joe Jonas, who hilariously remade a scene from Camp Rock with his bros. As they say, it's always good to be able to laugh at yourself, right?

Camp Rock is available to stream on Disney+.

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