14 Tweets About Getting An IUD Removed That Are So Relatable, It Literally Hurts

If you or a loved one has an IUD, you may already know the joys (read: uterus pain) that can come along with inserting and removing them. Even if you're new to the birth control game, rest assured Twitter users aren't. These tweets about getting an IUD removed are so relatable, they literally hurt. Real talk: IUDs are more than 99 percent effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies, making them some of the most effective forms of birth control currently on the market (yay!). And depending on the type, IUDs can last from three to even twelve years without needing to be replaced. I personally am on my second IUD and by and large would give it a "would do it again," seeing as I have literally done it again.

IUDs can really range in price — from as low as free ninety-nine, to upwards of a thousand dollars — depending on your provider and health insurance. Of course, if you're #balling #on #a #budget, check out your local Planned Parenthood health center to find the birth control that's both affordable and right for your body.

If you've made it through an IUD insertion, let me tell you, these 14 tweets about getting your IUD removed are relatable AF.

dadspornrag on Twitter

Taking a daytime look into nighttime, just like taking your Sunday-best into Gyno-chic! Honestly, really here for it. Old church ladies are quaking.

Here & Queer!
taliadero on Twitter

We love a queer doctor!!! Literally, someone find me a queer doctor.

A Nightmare
lafreyia on Twitter

I cannot comprehend the day this angel had. All I can say is that I hope there were snacks, a bubble bath, and good TV involved.

Alexa, Play "Stronger"

If you made it through this, you can make it through anything! Stay strong!

Short and Sweet
ashley_noemi on Twitter

Um, this really gets to the point and is incredibly relatable — especially the eight crying faces.

Liar, Liar!
adorelola on Twitter

I suppose maybe some people don't feel pain during removal? But it's totally natural for it to hurt, and it's totally OK to vent on the internet about said pain.

_desireaterri on Twitter

Once you've gone through all the journeys a uterus can go through, do you get a crown? Comparing childbirth to IUD removal and insertion is something that I'd love to hear more about.

No Babies!
katyhowellx on Twitter

A friend of mine said her Gyno kept saying, "No babies!!!" during her IUD insertion and I think about that often. Like, the doctor said it more than five times.

Wear It With Pride
333333333433333 on Twitter

Someone I went to college with who did a lot of *spoken word poetry* had their dentist give them their wisdom teeth after they were removed, and they wore one around their neck. It actually looked super cool and I would be lying if I said I haven't searched Etsy for "Teeth Jewelry."

Call It Off
amberdiscko on Twitter

My version would be: Call for takeout at 2:00 p.m., IUD removal at 3:00 p.m., lots of crying from 3:01 p.m. onward, then maybe call for more takeout at 6:00 p.m.

Finding Wisdom
circuitswan on Twitter

I got my wisdom teeth removed on the fourth of July and tried to go out to a party that night. I have never been in so much pain or so disoriented. I think about that turn of events a lot.

a_oreilly_mpls on Twitter

I think you one thousand percent can do that Karen, and it would make for a riveting day on the internet.

I'm Shaking
laurabethrn on Twitter

Can't spell #shook with out hook.

Boys Are Silly
imgoodnowlol on Twitter

Literally people are beyond words sometimes. I will say that I'm visualizing a copper tampon after reading this, and that is unsettling to think about.

If you've gotten an IUD removed or replaced recently, you probably know the *slight discomfort* (read: agony) that can sometimes come along with it. Bu as they say, beauty is pain — and prioritizing your reproductive health is a beautiful thing to behold.