14 Tweets About ​Dating A Libra That Will Have You Weighing Your Options

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You know that Libra season is right around the corner when you start getting texts from your dearest Libra pals about their "tentative" birthday plans that aren't "decided yet." This air sign, represented by the scale, is notorious for their indecision and penchant for intrigue. Believe it or not, these folks are so consistent with their inconsistency that there are quite a few tweets about dating a Libra out there in the wild. Avril Lavigne (a Libra herself) put it perfectly when she crooned, "Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?" These individuals tend to feel a lot at once, which can make their love lives pretty chaotic.

Libras have a reputation for being uncommitted, in part because they love to consider all the options that lay before them. At the end of the day, they genuinely care for others and have a commitment to fairness. Dating a Libra can be a heck of a whirlwind. They love to have fun, feel glamorous, and be adored. If a Libra has a crush on you, they will make it very obvious. When falling for this scale, you can expect to be shown the world through a whole new lens — one that values spontaneity and fun.

If you have a crush on this sign, you might find the following tweets hella relatable.

It can be a pain to realize your true nature.

It really does take one to know one.

Dating a Libra really be like that sometimes.

I can't name a section of this pie that I don't want a slice of.

It's just the way you are.

Hey, sometimes Libras can be too charming for their own good.

When they care about you, everything is important.

Libras need a shirt that says, "Help! I have fallen for a crush and I can't get up."

OK, so maybe their crushing habits are a bit chaotic.

You can't change the way your heart works!

When there are just too many hot people around.

Libras love to fully consider their options. As a result, they tend to fall for a lot of people.

Their ambition jumps out.

Libra's love lives can be unpredictable, but they secretly like it that way.

When it's your time to shine.

Libras know their strengths and how to flaunt them.

This roast is a little too accurate.

Whew. They didn't have to go this hard.

Hey, Libras love to be affirmed.

Air signs love communication. They are less grounded in reality than earth signs and less in touch with their emotions than water signs. Telling an air sign how you feel can go a long way.

When you know you're the best.

Hey, as Libra queen Doja Cat says, "If you can see it from the front, wait till you see it from the back."

When someone is clearly a bit biased.

OK, so maybe some Libras love to have a situationship or are slow to DTR.

When they're almost too irresistible.

Libras can honestly be so charming.

When you roast yourself.

Every day you can choose to lead so many different lives.

Dating a Libra is no snooze fest. This scale season, don't be afraid to affirm the heck out of your crush. Here's to hoping the scales of your Libra bae will tip in your favor.

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