These Purrfect Pics Of Cats On Halloween Will Definitely Have You ~Feline Spooky~


It's one thing to coax your furry pup into a costume for Halloween, but as far as I'm concerned, it's an entirely different ballgame to dress your cat up for the occasion. Honestly, looking at photos of cats' Halloween costumes is one of my main highlights of the holiday every single year. Not only are the pics totally adorable, but they can even provide a glimmer of hope for anyone who's a pet parent to, shall we say, a slightly grouchier kitty that hisses at the mere sight of a Halloween costume.

Despite the fact that cats aren't always as willing to dress up in costumes as dogs are, in some ways, I kind of think felines have an edge over pups when it comes to getting into the spirit of Halloween. Any kitty I've ever met is always much more mysterious in their demeanor and personality than a dog, and if your fur baby is totally black, then she's already dressed for the occasion, really.

And, look, I'll be honest: None of the little cuties on this list look super thrilled to be dressed as a taco or as the world's most adorable caterpillar — but I'm sure that at least a couple of them like the cozy feeling of wearing something soft, right? Personally, I'm lucky enough to have a cat who's just about the chillest little guy around, so I think my chances are pretty good that he'll actually love getting into the Halloween spirit this year. If you're not quite as lucky, though, feel free to live vicariously through these 14 adorable photos of cats' Halloween costumes.

Cats in so many hats
purring_rachel on Twitter

These poor babies don't look super happy about their snazzy costumes, but hey, at least they have each other to lean on.

A bandana goes a long way
hellethil on Twitter

Besides being pawsitively adorable, this bright orange bandana seems to be just small enough not to drive this furry feline bananas.

The kitty who's way ahead of her time
courtspinellitv on Twitter

Who says you can only dress up as Santa Paws during the Christmas season? This feline pal's look is sure to be unique for celebrating All Hallows' Eve — no copycats in sight.

A purrfectly spooky kitten
trippyyota on Twitter

I love how this little kitten's huge eyes contrast with her witchy accessories. This costume definitely leaves me feline full of Halloween spirit.

Keeping it in the cat family
amanda_glenys on Twitter

I'd be lion if I said the fluffy mane and bouncy ears on this fuzzy hoodie weren't the cutest things I've seen all day.

A bow-tiful little fur baby
paigeeby__ on Twitter

Not all Halloween costumes have to be silly or spooky, of course. If this sharp dresser keeps her eye on the mouse, she'll be sure to do paw-some things in life.

An adorable throwback
gallaghertess on Twitter

One of the great things about kids is being able to teach them about your passions — and pets are no exception, as this pawsitively perfect kitty shows. TBH, the t-shirt and skirt combo is something I could easily see a real person wearing for Halloween, which makes this get-up even more purrfect.

This dude is full of cat-itude
thecosplaybunny on Twitter

Finding the perfect Halloween costume for your cat sometimes means playing up who they already are. I love that this family decided to embrace their little guy's missing eye, and if you ask me, this dashing pirate costume wins all of the Halloween costume contests.

A Giant Tie For A Little Kitty
ogflwrz on Twitter

I can't stop laughing at this tiny feline in an enormous tie, partly because it's just such a serious look for a cute little kitty, but also because — and maybe it's just me — this shirt and tie combo is giving me serious Dwight from The Office vibes.

Let's taco bout this costume
ducklacek on Twitter

This whole get-up is great for Halloween, but I'd honestly let my cat wear this outfit all day, every day. After all, with a cat and a taco, what else could you ask for in life?

Stop! It's hammer(head shark) time
gabbybudz on Twitter

As much as most cats absolutely hate water, the soft knit details on this adorable shark costume help the get-up strike the perfect balance between cute and scary. I'll admit, I never thought a hammerhead shark could be considered "cute," but hey, there's a first time for everything, right?

This one's the cat's pajamas — literally
pumpkin_emeri on Twitter

When it comes to Halloween costumes, sometimes a simple outfit is your best bet. If you ask me, there's not a whole lot that can be improved upon in this catterned Halloween onesie, and this furry kitty is definitely rocking hers.

You'd be batty not to smile at this one
kiwapon on Twitter

I'm not sure if this is more of a Batwoman or Catwoman costume, but either way, Fluffy is clearly indulging her owner's Halloween spirit like a real trooper.

The costume that is already a pun
_666eatass on Twitter

This is a literal cat-erpillar. Enough said.