14 Jin Memes BTS Fans Will Appreciate On So Many Levels

THE FACT/ImaZinS/Getty Images

Nothing brings BTS fans together more than music — except maybe memes of their favorite member of the group. Whether ARMYs are all about Jungkook or Jin biased through and through, the internet continually has a field day finding funny photos of the boys to share with the world. These 15 Jim memes for BTS fans will have you laughing for days.

Jin is not only a talented vocalist, but ARMYs love him for being the group's ultimate hyung. As the oldest member, he takes the role of hyung very seriously, looking out for his fellow members. Whenever the boys are nervous or on edge during an interview, Jin tends to do whatever it takes to set the mood. Usually, that entails breaking the ice by making a joke about how gorgeous he is — which, honestly, is no joke because he's seriously good-looking. He didn't get the nickname "Worldwide Handsome" for nothing.

But when Jin isn't joking about his good looks or gifting fans sweet music with his vocals, ARMYs still swoon over basically every move he makes. That's why at any given time, you can scroll through Twitter and find a variety of photos, videos, and, of course, memes, made in Jin's honor.

Scroll down to check out the best Jin memes created by fans.

1. When your lunch is just so tasty.

2. When the daydreaming hits you really hard.

3. When you just can't stop laughing at your own jokes.

4. When you shine as bright as the sun.

5. When someone says BTS is "just a boy band."

6. When you accidentally open the front camera.

7. When the barista makes your drink totally wrong but you aren't one to complain.

8. When you wake up completely rested after a good dream.

9. When someone sends you a *very* strange text.

10. When someone asks if you want a snack.

11. When sweatpants are life, but someone tells you they aren't work appropriate.

12. When no one thinks your jokes are funny.

13. When your computer freezes right when BTS tickets go on sale.

14. When you're feeling yourself and secretly try to snap a selfie.