14 Fall Love Puns For Your Adorable Couple Snaps On Instagram

Corny lines and pumpkin nicknames are in their prime when it comes to fall. There's something about this season that makes us feel cozy and almost unbearably mushy. Snapping pics of ourselves wearing our favorite scarf with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand is just the beginning — trust me. Posting fall love puns on Instagram goes hand in hand with an adorable picture with your boo. Puns are perfect because they can apply to so many different couples and yet have a genuine meaning for each duo.

Puns are a funny way of interpreting language, and if it draws the next like on an Instagram post, we are so here for it. There are plenty of fall settings for you and your bae to post up and snap a cute picture, but the real work is pairing it with a perfectly pun-filled caption that'll have people from the outside awing as they double click on your pics. It'll be hard to like those pics only once.

It's not always easy finding the originators of these cute fall puns, but we are incredibly grateful for their wit. Without them, our pictures would lose that extra dose of adorableness. Well, your bae has enough cuteness for the both of you, but you know what I mean. Fall love puns further emphasize how much of a carefree, goofy, and fun relationship you and bae actually have. That's just the dope vibe anything involving puns is bound to show off. Leave it to ya'll to really show everyone why a picture is worth a thousand words.


As a matter of fact, your picture is probably a snap of the two of you genuinely smiling at something that wouldn't be remotely funny to anyone else but yourselves. Those are always the best moments, and make for the best Instagram posts. Candid pics are OK, too. Although, do we ever really not prepare for a picture and just let the lens catch us off guard?

There's just so much you can incorporate in a fall picture with bae. From scarves to hot beverages, the two of you can snap as much as your little hearts desire, as long as you're with each other. That's sort of one of the perks of being genuinely happy with someone when the colder months come around. Not that people should be in your life seasonally or anything, but being able to share everything that comes with fall with someone special is just magical and so much fun. Sweater weather really is better together, right? Pictures only capture so much of the bliss, but clearly, if we don't snap it, did it even happen?

Now, if you need a sweet finish to those already enchanting fall pics with bae, it's time to strengthen your pun game. Here are 14 options to choose from.


1. "Love, what a re-leaf." — Jasmine Vaughn-Hall

2. "I beleaf in you. Don't be afraid of falling." — Unknown

3. "I love you a latte." — Unknown

4. "What is this feeling? I'm so corn-fused." — Unknown

5. "Words cannot expresso how much you mean to me." — Unknown

6. "Don't ever leaf me alone." — Unknown

7. "Let's get Halloweird." — Unknown

8. "He's my cup of positivitea." — Unknown

9. "I beleaf I am falling for you." — Unknown


10. "These smiles are so autumn-atic." — Jasmine Vaughn-Hall

11. "Hey there, hot-tea." — Unknown

12. "I'd like to see you s'more." — Unknown

13. "I fall-ed into something beautiful today." — Unknown

14. "Everything's s'more fun with you." — Unknown

Posing for fall pics with your bae is fun, which is why you need the finishing touch of a quirky pun to top it off. No matter the season, the two of you are always looking for a reason to laugh and experience Mother Nature, together.

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