14 Biggest Turn-Ons For Guys, Based On The Totally Mundane Things Girls Do


Some people have weird turn-ons. This probably isn't news to you because I bet you might have some weird turn-ons, too. Personally, I love anything and everything having to do with silliness. Boy in a silly hat? BOW CHICKA WOW WOW. Boy plotting a masterful prank? OH, BABY. But that's just me. One of my friends has a thing for guys in lederhosen. So yeah, I know a lot about weird turn-ons for girls, but what are the biggest turn-ons for guys that you'd never expect? Well, a recent Reddit thread prompted dudes to share their most mundane turn-ons, and um, I'm just as surprised as you are.

Before you read these, I just want to give you a friendly reminder that you definitely don't need to be going out of your way to do stuff to turn a guy on. Just be your awesome self! That's more than enough.

1. When You Carry A Water Bottle


2. When You Check Your Phone In The Corner By Yourself


3. When You Paint Your Toenails


4. When You Wear Your Glasses


5. When You Wear Socks


6. When You LOL


7. When You Have Wet Hair


8. When You Have An Itch


9. When You Can't Reach Something


10. When You Yawn


11. When You Brush Your Hair Behind Your Ear


12. When You Put Your Hair In A Ponytail


13. When You Wear A T-Shirt


14. When You Wear His Sweaters, Even Though They Don't Fit You


Clearly, you are now going to feel infinitely sexier every time you carry your water bottle around or yawn, so, like, take this confidence boost and run with it!

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