Guys Reveal The Totally Mundane Things Their GFs Do That Turn Them On Like Crazy

by Candice Jalili

Some people have weird turn-ons. This probably isn't news to you because I bet you might have some weird turn-ons, too. Personally, I love anything and everything having to do with silliness. Boy in a silly hat? BOW CHICKA WOW WOW. Boy plotting a masterful prank? OH, BABY. But that's just me. One of my friends has a thing for guys in lederhosen. So yeah, I know a lot about weird turn-ons for girls, but what are the biggest turn-ons for guys that you'd never expect? Well, a recent Reddit thread prompted dudes to share their most mundane turn-ons, and um, I'm just as surprised as you are.

Before you read these, I just want to give you a friendly reminder that you definitely don't need to be going out of your way to do stuff to turn a guy on. Just be your awesome self! That's more than enough.

1. When You Carry A Water Bottle

Carrying water bottles. Not a huge ones, regular ones. If a cute girl is carrying one I automatically fall in love for next ten minutes. Without the bottle it's five.


2. When You Check Your Phone In The Corner By Yourself

I have been pushed over the edge into infatuation by her sitting checking her phone in the corner. I don't quite understand it myself.


3. When You Paint Your Toenails

Anytime I see them painting their toe nails. It's rare these days with most getting pedicures.


4. When You Wear Your Glasses

Wear glasses. I know 'boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses', but damn... I think they look amazing.


5. When You Wear Socks

It may just be me but, socks!
If a girl is showing of her legs and she’s wearing wearing cute socks, socks with cool colours, socks with fluffy bits, short socks, long socks, frilly socks, or even just plain socks, I can’t help but find the girl super cute, and then super attractive!


6. When You LOL

When they laugh loudly (often to some joke), not caring how completely unsexy it is.


7. When You Have Wet Hair

Wet hair out of the shower...


8. When You Have An Itch

Scratching themselves.
Its not something you seem them do often. I've only ever seen SO's do it. Its oddly hot. The everydayness of it is attractive


9. When You Can't Reach Something

Getting on their tippy toes to reach for something


10. When You Yawn

For some weird reason when cute girls yawn it just makes me wish I was their boyfriend so I could cuddle and kiss them to sleep.
Also, when they flick their hair out of the face in the most casual way possible. I would, gentlemen. I would.


11. When You Brush Your Hair Behind Your Ear

When their hair gets in their face and they blow it away or brush it behind their ear.


12. When You Put Your Hair In A Ponytail

Putting hair up


13. When You Wear A T-Shirt

Wear T-shirts. I don't know what it is but seeing a cute girl wearing a regular T-shirt gets me going. I'm a big fan of the girl-next-door look.


14. When You Wear His Sweaters, Even Though They Don't Fit You

When my ex would wear my sweaters, but they were too big for her. I love it.


Clearly, you are now going to feel infinitely sexier every time you carry your water bottle around or yawn, so, like, take this confidence boost and run with it!

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