13 Deal Breakers In A Relationship You Should Never Compromise On, According To Real Women


No matter who you are or how in love you are, there are certain deal breakers that can ruin a relationship. Now, these deal breakers can vary from person to person. For instance, I have a friend who refuses to be in a relationship with someone who would want to have children, because she never wants to have children. However, on the flip side of that, I would refuse to be in a relationship with someone who didn't want children, because I do want children. In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies shared their own deal breakers in a relationship that they believe should never be compromised on. And some of these answers are pretty insightful.

Read along and see if their deal breakers align with yours. And if you don't have any deal breakers in a relationship? Consider your feelings about some of these.

Any sort of abuse is out of the question.


It won't work if you're on different pages about having children.


For some people, it's important to be on the same page religiously.


Honesty is the best policy within a relationship.


A relationship has to be an equal partnership.


Any sort of manipulative behavior isn't acceptable.


If you have children, your partner has to be willing to accept them.


There has to be a combination of respect and consent.


A good partner should never make you feel like you're sacrificing your other goals.


Compromise is a two-way street.


You don't want to spend the rest of your life without a dime to your name.


Trust is the foundation of every successful relationship.


Any cheating is an automatic deal breaker.


While I do strongly believe that deal breakers vary from person to person, I also think some of these ladies brought some things up that should apply to all relationships.

In particular, remember that, no matter how in love you are, any sort of abuse is absolutely not OK. You deserve to be loved, respect, and cared about in any relationship you enter. Don't let your romantic feelings cloud your judgment about that.

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