13 Single People Reveal Their Biggest Struggles With Dating & It's So Relatable

by Candice Jalili

As someone who spent the vast majority of her life as single, I know better than anyone how much fun being single can be. You get to date without any real commitment and you're totally free to do what you want with your time and energy. That being said, the dating thing also comes with some drawbacks. For example, in a recent Reddit thread, single people shared some of their biggest dating struggles.

It can be too easy to find people's flaws.
Getting to my late 20s, I don't want to date anyone I don't see a serious future with. Makes it way too easy to pick holes in people, probably quite unfairly.


It can be difficult to read signals.
I have no idea how to flirt or read whether women are/aren't trying to flirt with me, so I always just err on the side of caution and assume they aren't. I see it happen to others, I understand what things are done, but I just don't know how to apply it to myself.


Being single can be nice.
I'm maybe a bit too comfortable being single. I got a good thing going right now. I operate on my schedule, I do what I want when I want, and I'm able to be totally self absorbed.
Its nice- so I don't put much effort (or any at all) into dating because I'm happy right now.


The dating pool gets smaller and smaller as we get older.
Almost every girl I meet has a boyfriend or husband.
Many people I meet can’t answer their phone or respond to a text.
Many people cancel plans or don’t even show up.
The ones that finally get past this initial stage are often busy so I can rarely see them.


Ghosting can be extremely discouraging.
The ghosting culture. The fact that we have a date set up and they just stop talking to you. Or when you've actually had a date or two and they just stop talking to you.
It's really annoying and immature, if you're not interested just tell me I'm a big boy I can take it.
It's just the culture of online dating, I can't stand online dating.


Again, ghosting is the WORST.
"Hey wanna go see a movie?"
"You free this Friday?"
No response
Like wtf just say no lmao.


Connecting with other people can be difficult.
I've been trying to word this sentence properly for like 5 minutes now but here goes
I'm too indifferent... I just seem like a brick wall with no emotions from the outside, I dont often share any of my interests, which makes it hard for anyone to hold a conversation with me without akward silences. In a conversation, I'm way too dominating, but in person I'm extremely timid and scared of making people feel uncomfortable. Besides this, the only girls I come in contact with are my classmates and one female friend of mine. I don't ever go outside because of school, and thus don't meet new people. Also my voice is extremely annoying, I sound like I always have a bubble in my throat... I think that's about all..


Finding someone can be difficult when you live in a small town.
Finding men to date. I mean I live in a rural area. Single men of my taste are rare.


Getting rejected too many times can start to take its toll.
Due to so many rejections, I have the self esteem of a potato.


Overthinking can lead to overreacting... which can lead to being dumped.
I overthink, which leads to overreacting or too much damage control, and thus causes them to think I’m insane, so they lose interest, and then the depression kicks in.Long story short, I need to fucking chill.


Dating can be confusing.
That I quite frankly don't know how to date. (almost 24 and only had 1 bf ever, who I recently broke up with)
I know I need to get out more often (I mean, I keep myself busy outside the house, but I don't meet new people) But it's difficult when you're shy


Friends and family seem to assume you're desperate for a date.
I just want to remain single and enjoy my life but society things that’s weird, so friends and family keep trying to coerce me into a relationship. That and too many men want kids and I want no parts in that.


It can be difficult to find people of the same orientation.
Being a lesbian in a town where there's like, five other gay girls, and two are exes and three are my friends.


All I can say to that is too freaking real.

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