13 Women Reveal Their Favorite Part About Relationships & Holy Moly, I Am Melting

by Candice Jalili

I'm currently in the thick of my first real long-term relationship and I must say... it rules. Don't get me wrong, being single is great too. In fact, it was so great that I used to be pretty adamant about not being in a relationship. But now that I'm finally in one, I'm starting to get the whole hype around them. In a recent AskWomen thread on Reddit, women sounded off about what they see as the best things about relationships. Trust me, you're going to want to call your bae and ask them to cuddle on the couch with you ASAP.

There's no such thing as too comfortable, as far as she's concerned.
I am so lame. I f*cking love it when a relationship gets to the point where pretty mundane things like grocery shopping are something you two do together, but also have a decent time. (i'm also weird and like grocery shopping though.)
oh. and cuddling. cuddling is the best.


She enjoys just being with them.
The normal, totally innocuous times like sitting on the couch or holding hands while driving. Just the easy existence with someone.


She loves a good lazy Sunday.
Lying in bed for hours doing nothing on a lazy Sunday. That's actually the only thing I really miss when I'm single.


She appreciates the lack of awkwardness.
The part where you don't feel awkward about having a normal conversation while eating macaroni and cheese in your underwear at 3 in the morning.


She thinks the best part is the familiarity.
We've been together 6 years (2 1/2 dating 2 1/2 married) and it's the familiarity that is the best. People talk about it like it's a bad thing to fall into a routine, but I like it.


She has fun sharing her life with someone.
I like having a life partner. It makes good times for fun to share then, and in bad times it eases the burden.
Also I like having someone to make bad choices with AND someone to encourage me to make better ones. OK, tonight we'll order pizza, but tomorrow we are going to the gym and having broccoli for dinner.


She gets joy from watching TV with him on the couch.
Sitting on the couch together and sharing a blanket while watching tv.


She knows she'd be a whole person without him, but his presence makes her happier.
Honestly, all of it. Our unconditional love for each other, our companionship, our shared history, our growing together into something more than we were alone before. I am complete without them, but with them I'm happier and my life is more fulfilled.


She loves the intimacy.
Intimacy and companionship. I just love being physically and emotionally close.


Even in her LTR, she still gets butterfly when he randomly declares her love.
The totally unexpected, random little disguised declarations of love slipped into an ordinary conversation or when joking around, especially when you're fighting, the weird and disgusting moments like talking when one is on the toilet. And the comfortableness being around each other. Even 6 years later, I get butterflies in my stomach when we're supposed to see each other after more than two days apart and get a bit excited when he calls.


She enjoys being able to have her own language with her partner.
Because cuddles have already been mentioned, the certain ways of interacting with each other that you develop over time that are unique to that specific relationship. It’s nice getting to the point where the two of you can have conversations that are totally incomprehensible outside of what you have with the other person.


She loves being weird with her bae.
I love doing things together that other people would label as crazy that are perfectly fine for us. Sometimes we stare at each other and start making noises like a crazy parrot. [Then] we playfight at the couch until we can't breath anymore from laughter. I love it and never had anything like this outside of a relationship.


She gets comforted by knowing someone has her back through thick and thin.
Having someone to go home to every day. It’s extremely comforting to know someone will always be there for me no matter what.


Seriously, someone please get me a fan and some waxing strips. My heart is way too warm and fuzzy.

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