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13 Adventurous Birthday Surprises For Your Partner That'll Make Their Jaw Drop


Despite the fact that his birthday is still over a month away, my husband has been asking me for the past three months what I'm planning on getting him to celebrate. Don't tell him this, but I've still got nothing. I'm tired of buying him zip-up sweatshirts and cocktail recipe books. I want to surprise him with something fun, but brainstorming adventurous birthday surprise ideas for your significant other is harder than it sounds. Sure, I'd love to take him on a helicopter tour over New York City or coral reef diving in the Caribbean. However, I'd prefer an activity that doesn't cost more than one of my monthly student loan payments.

As it turns out, you don't have to shell out a ton of cash to give your partner a birthday surprise they'll never forget. You may have a total thrill-seeker on your hands, or you may have an SO whose idea of a thrill is leaving the house without a jacket — either way, there's a fun and unexpected birthday activity out there for everyone. If you're like me and in need of an idea for an SO's impending birthday, then maybe one of these adventurous options will inspire you.

Attend A Music Festival

Whether you go for the weekend or just for the day, music festivals are way more than just a concert (and there are so many more of them than you probably realize!). It doesn't matter if you don't know a single one of the headliners — you and your SO get a chance to discover new artists, try new foods, and debut your wildest outfits.

Visit An Indoor Trampoline Park

If you think trampolines are just for kids, then you're sadly mistaken. Few things are more fun than a room filled with wall-to-wall bouncy surfaces, and purchasing a few hours of bounce time is pretty inexpensive. There are over 200 Sky Zone Trampoline Park locations throughout the country, and you can find plenty of other trampoline park options, too.

Take A Flying Trapeze Class

A flying trapeze class may not be the most inexpensive birthday surprise, but I can almost guarantee that it will cost less than booking an actual flight. Search for flying trapeze classes in your area, and you and your partner can spend a few hours flying through the sky.

Race Go-Karts

Another way to awaken your inner kid is to take your SO to a go-kart race track. You can choose from an indoor race track (like those offered by K1 Speed and their 40+ locations) or you can take the fun outdoors. The World Karting Association website can help you find a track near you.

Go Whitewater Rafting

This one is not for the faint of heart. There are tons of whitewater rafting trips offered throughout the country, and you can choose the length of the trip and the class of the rapids depending on just how thrilling you want this birthday excursion to be.

Take A Hike

What could be better than a day spent in the great outdoors? There are a ton of resources available for finding the best hiking trails in your area, and you can decide whether your partner would prefer an intense incline or an easy-breeze walking trail.

Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Though you're totally welcome to design your own if you're feeling clever, you can also just book a hunt on Let's Roam, which offers two-hour city-wide scavenger hunt adventures in over 300 cities. Whether you want to take on your own city or one that's new to you both, it's a great way to explore everything from major landmarks to hidden gems.

Take A Wine Blending Class

Forget wine tasting — surprise your partner with a wine blending class instead. Several vineyards offer the option of these classes, and you'll get the chance to use single varietal wines to make a blend of your own (which you might even be able to take home with you). Just make sure you and your SO can get a ride there and back!

Visit A Water Or Amusement Park

A ticket to a waterpark or amusement park is basically gives you and your SO an all-access pass to endless fun. Whether you hit your nearest Six Flags or another park in your area, your partner is guarantee to have a good time (as long as you wear comfy shoes and pack some Dramamine).

Try Axe Throwing

This may sound strange, but hear me out: Throwing axes is incredibly fun. Axe throwing is basically the new bowling, and places like Bad Axe Throwing offer locations all over. Book a lane for you and your boo, and you'll get the chance to learn from a coach and see just how good your aim is.

Visit An Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

Bouldering might be a bit too bold (LOL, get it?) for a birthday surprise, but you can find indoor rock climbing gyms just about anywhere. There you and your SO can test your climbing skills without, you know, fearing for your life.

Go Zip Lining

Whether you want to take your partner zip lining over a waterfall, through a jungle canopy, or in the middle of a city, there are plenty of different zip line tours to choose from. You can also opt for a zip lining course, where — instead of a single ride — you and your partner get to explore multiple zip lines.

Try An AirBNB Experience

If you want to do something totally unique, check out an AirBNB Experience. From food tours and cooking classes to history tours and adventures, AirBNB Experiences are one-of-a-kind activities hosted by locals that include meals and accommodations, if applicable. Try an experience near you, or take your partner somewhere they've never been before.

As much as your partner would appreciate a new pair of jeans, I have a feeling that they'll enjoy one of these surprise experiences a whole lot more. After all, birthdays are all about getting what you want, not what you need, right?