A bride-to-be wraps up unique maid of honor gifts from Etsy while sitting in her living room.
These One-Of-A-Kind Maid Of Honor Gifts On Etsy Will Cue The Happy Tears

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Your wedding is your special day, but that's not going to stop you from showering your maid of honor with extra love. After all, you wouldn't want to get married without them by your side, supporting you as you say, "I do." You already have wrapping paper, ribbons, and even a sweet card. Snag one or two of these unique maid of honor gifts on Etsy next to support a small business, celebrate your friendship, and prep for the big day.

Each of these unique maid of honor gifts on Etsy are sure to make your BFF smile wide and say, "I love this." Some are items they would want to use on a daily basis, because it'll help them make their favorite drink on their Instagram Stories. Others will look aesthetic next to a pile of coffee table books in their home, or reference a sitcom like Schitt's Creek, New Girl, or Friends. A few of these unique gifts are even sentimental for the bride and maid of honor duo that's all about heart-to-hearts.

Scroll through the following list, and find the unique maid of honor gifts that are most fitting for your relationship. You can order one gift or two, but should give everything to your maid of honor prior to your wedding day. They can cherish their hand-picked gifts before the happy tears, getting ready photos, and toasts begin. Ready, set, shop!

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These Coasters Have A Cottagecore Vibe

First up are these cute coasters ($30, Etsy) that look like Taylor Swift's folklore album come to life. Each has delicate, pressed flowers inside, and would look perfect on your maid of honor's nightstand or coffee table. You can purchase them with a gold or silver edge, and in a set of two, four, or six.

This Set Of Cards Is For True Friends

Words cannot espresso how much you love your maid of honor. Not only do they light up your world, but they're also always in the mood for iced coffee and a catch-up call. For that reason, it is only right that you get them this set of cards ($20, Etsy) with a group of friends drinking coffee on the front.

This Puzzle Is As Sweet As Can Be

After the wedding, your maid of honor is going to sit back and relax. Their duties will be done, so they can enjoy a casual afternoon with this sweet puzzle ($17, Etsy), with the title "Main Squeeze." Can you think of anything more fitting for your main squeeze?

This Cocktail Kit Looks Super Delicious

Is your maid of honor in charge of coming up with your signature cocktails? If so, snag them this cocktail kit ($15, Etsy) that looks and sounds so delicious. It combines the flavors of berry, lavender, and lemonade to create the tastiest drink.

This Soap Dispenser Is Approved By David Rose

Any fan of Schitt's Creek probably wants to fill their home with goods from Rose Apothecary. Luckily, this soap dispenser ($19, Etsy) is David Rose-approved and features the shop's aesthetic label. Get it for your maid of honor, along with some soap to fill it up.

This Tote Bag Is Good For The Planet

You can never go wrong when gifting someone a tote bag. Your maid of honor, in particular, can use this tote bag ($26, Etsy) on your wedding day, at the store, or when going to the beach. It's made of corduroy and comes in many unique colors, including a deep green.

This Doormat Is Here For The LOLs

If your maid of honor is the type of person that'll make a funny toast at your wedding reception, they need this doormat ($38, Etsy) that'll make them LOL. It's a total mood, especially when your crew is having a game night over Zoom or backyard bash in the summer.

This Teapot Is Made For Your Next Hang

You and your maid of honor love to recreate those coffee shop vibes right at home. You probably pour yourselves a cup of tea or coffee, put on your favorite playlist, and chat the day away. Buy this clay teapot ($38, Etsy) for a thoughtful, useful gift and pair it with bags of their favorite loose-leaf tea.

This Tech Organizer Can Be Personalized

The tech-savvy maid of honor is probably always complaining about their chargers running amuck in their home. Solve their problem with this cable organizer ($28, Etsy). You can put their initials or name on it to make the gift more personal.

These Earrings Go With Any Outfit

It's common for a bride to gift their maid of honor a piece of jewelry they can wear at the wedding. You can change up the "tradition" by getting your BFF these earrings ($55, Etsy), and writing a sweet message along with them. After your wedding, you may just see your BFF posing in them on Instagram.

This Keepsake Box Can Be Filled With Memories

When it comes to making memories, you and your maid of honor are total pros. You've likely traveled together, or had sleepovers at each other's houses. Put your favorite photos into this keepsake box ($60, Etsy) for your maid of honor to remind them of good times — past, present, and future.

This Candle Is Home To Tiny Succulents

Is there anything cuter than this candle ($18, Etsy) that's home to a bunch of tiny succulents? It's truly one-of-a-kind, and will be proudly displayed in your maid of honor's home. They might not even want to light it, since it's so pretty — and that's totally OK!