12 Movies To Watch After A Breakup That'll Feel Like Chicken Soup For Your Soul

When you're recovering from a breakup, you could find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster that takes you from high points where you might make out with a hot stranger at a bar, to low points where you might find yourself truly unable to get off the couch. If you find yourself losing the battle with gravity, go ahead and cuddle into your couch and peruse this list of movies to watch after a breakup! After all, what better way to stop refreshing your ex's Instagram feed than by getting lost in a great movie for a few hours?

Movies can also help you work through your feelings, trust me! After a particularly frustrating conversation with an ex-boyfriend recently, I scrolled through the movies on my Apple TV and after watching The Rock smash things and generally save the world from disaster in San Andreas, I honestly felt so much better. Since I couldn't go out and smash things myself, watching him do it was the next best thing! So whether you need to have a good cry, want to laugh and forget your worries, or be reminded that love does exist out there in the world somewhere — there's a movie for that! So grab your remote and choose one of the follow flicks to soothe your bruised heart.

When You Need A Good Cry
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This is a no-brainer. I mean, poor Rose finally found the love of her life and then bam! Fate and Mother Nature were like, "Nah, girl." Go on a journey with star-crossed lovers Jack and Rose as they fall in love, get steamy in the cargo hold, and then eventually say goodbye in icy waters. Even though you know exactly what's going to happen, sometimes it really is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. But honestly, Rose, you really couldn't have fit Jack on that door?!

The Notebook:

It might be hard to feel sorry for Allie since she's got Ryan Gosling and James Marsden vying for her heart, but this story of love found and lost and found again will tug at your heartstrings. From watching Noah and Allie fall in love, then be ripped apart by her status-obsessed mother (and a war), then reunite again as sweet, old people in a retirement home... you'll go on a journey that might make you cry your pretty eyes out. And also — there's that epic kiss in the rain!

Call Me By Your Name:

When Elio and Oliver fall in love, you might be reminded of your first big love. Watching them discover each other, grow close, and then eventually say goodbye is both tragic and affirming. I personally find Elio's emotional conversation with his father about Oliver the most moving scene in the film, and if you can make it through that with dry eyes, then you're already on your way to mending your heartbreak. Oh, and a perfect snack for this film is obviously a peach. If you don't understand this now, trust me — you will.

When You Need To Laugh
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If you just want to get weird and have a good time, watching this movie will do the trick. Watching Annie fumble and flail while Lillian plans her epic wedding might make you feel like no matter how low and helpless you feel while processing your breakup, there's still something in your situation that can make you laugh. From being hammered on a plane to destroying a massive cake, Annie's antics are guaranteed to help you forget your troubles for a while. Also, there are puppies.

The Big Sick:

This movie artfully combines heartache with humor in a way that just might give you a little hope. While Emily is in a coma, Kumail bonds with her parents and reconciles his own feelings for Emily with his sense of duty to his family. This doesn't sound particularly hilarious, but the movie does an incredible job infusing humor into the message that love is tough and complicated and maybe not the solution to all your problems. Plus — Holly Hunter throws down at a comedy club.

Legally Blonde:

Elle Woods to the rescue. This sweet, bubbly movie has a big heart, just like it's main character. Watching Elle chase after her man and then realize she'd rather chase after her dreams is just the antidote for getting back on your feet after a breakup. And it never hurts to have a refresher course on how to do the bend and snap!

When You Need Some Action
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Thelma And Louise:

If tears and laughter won't do the trick, it's time for some action. Thelma and Louise get into plenty of trouble, stick up for themselves, and then eventually stick it to the men in their lives. As Thelma liberates herself from her overbearing and mean husband, you might feel an empowered sense of freedom yourself. With Louise by her side, these gal pals take their destiny into their own hands on an epic road trip adventure.


Again, since you can't go smash things yourself, let The Rock do it for you! What's better then The Rock flexing and muscling his way through a very thin story? A giant gorilla doing it with him, that's what. This is a totally ridiculous action movie that will take you out of your breakup funk and into a world where giant wolves can fly and a gorilla can make sex jokes with perfect timing. Seriously.

Magic Mike:

I don't really need to explain this one, but if you want to be distracted from your emotional woes, then Channing Tatum's oiled up abs are just what you need. There's music, there's cheesy one-liners, and there's a lot of dancing. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous guys of Magic Mike and you just might find yourself smiling for a while.

When You Need To Believe In Love Again
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Paddington 2:

This is one of my favorite movies ever and no, I have never seen Paddington 1. This movie is so sweet, so heartfelt, and so life-affirming that I recommend this to anyone at anytime, but especially if you're feeling a little low. Paddington spreads love and cheer wherever he goes, even charming his fellow prisoners when he's wrongly sent to jail for a crime he didn't commit. While he transforms the prison into a happy, sweet home, his human family works to prove his innocence and when they're all eventually reunited, you'll believe there's truly good in the world.

Love Actually:

This movie will make you feel all the feelings and remind you that love, in all forms, is all around us. Sometimes it's tough, sometimes it's fleeting, but sometimes it's real and it lasts. All the characters in this incredible ensemble cast deal with tough situations and struggle with their emotions, presenting a very real and yet optimistic look at the real nature of love. Plus, Bill Nighy is a comedic treasure.

The Princess Bride:

This cult classic fairy tale combines adventure, humor, and romance in an epic sweeping tale of the power of true love. Before Robin Wright became an Amazonian warrior, she was a princess in need of rescue, and this movie will make you laugh, forget your worries, and root for the good guys. Sword fighting and an epic love story? Sign me up!

So if you're processing a breakup and working through your feelings, one of these movies might be just what you need to feel better. You'll eventually have to shower, put on pants, and rejoin the world, but for now — cue up a flick and take a deep breath. If you need to laugh, cry, or watch some things get smashed, these movies will give you just what you need.

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