12 Funny Memes About Winter That Even Elsa From 'Frozen' Would Agree With

Winter is here, and to say it is freezing outside is an understatement. Did we all just forget how cold it can get, or is this the worst winter ever? I'd like to be a drama queen and say this may very well be the coldest winter we've ever seen. The only way we can get through the brutal temperatures outside is with lots of layers, some warm cocoa, and laughter. Yes, sometimes laughter is the best medicine to keep us all warm and cozy this time of year. Therefore, the majority of us can totally relate to these hilarious memes about winter and laugh through the cold wind pain.

I'm pretty sure even Elsa from Frozen would agree it's too cold for her. You don't need to lie to us, we will totally understand if you admit the cold kind of bothers you. It's not time to build a snowman. It's time to run as fast as you can to your warm bed and hide under the many layers of blankets until summer is here. Olaf got it right, and summer is worth melting for.

We truly can't let it go about how freezing we all are this time of year. It's too darn cold, and here are 12 winter memes that perfectly capture how we're feeling right about now.

Even Florida Can't Be Saved From The Winter
fox35kirstin on Twitter

Florida is supposed to be warm in the winter. Elsa, what did you do? Once our beautifully warm place to escape to becomes cold, there's nowhere to go.

We Should All Just Sleep Through The Winter, Anyway
llcadmin on Twitter

Bears were smart AF when they decided they'd go into hiding for the winter. We don't want to wake up until it's warm outside again, either. You aren't getting us out from under these blankets for anything, except maybe a warm mug of hot chocolate. Anything else can wait until the spring.

Someone Definitely Put Elsa In A Sour Mood
moremicrophones on Twitter

There has to be someone to blame for this cold weather. There's no way it just gets cold like this without a snow queen being pissed off. Someone just suck it up and apologize already. I want to go outside without crying on the regular.

Elsa Needs To Be A Little More Considerate
warrior_radio on Twitter

Hey, it's cool and all that you aren't bothered by the cold. You have a fantastic ice castle that I'm sure would be hell to walk around in barefoot. You love it, and we're not telling you to stop loving it. It's just the rest of us aren't as cool with the cold, if you know what I mean.

Can we turn up the heat just a little bit? Please and thank you.

This Winter Is A Beast On The East
realmelonmemes on Twitter

We truly are so very sorry for those of us who had to endure that bomb cyclone on the East Coast. Stay warm out there if you can, people.

It's Honestly Too Cold To Even Shower
alldatmatterz1 on Twitter

If your apartment has a weird water situation where it just doesn't get warm enough, you may very well ditch the showering ordeal altogether. If you do have warm water, you're seriously blessed and you'll probably camp out in there for as long as you possibly can. Basically, taking a shower in the winter could be either one of those extremes.

Don't Try To Be Cool About The Cold
disneymovles on Twitter

You're not cool if you claim to only need a light jacket this winter. Don't be a hero. Put on more layers. It's too cold out there, even for Elsa.

There's No Way We're In Any Mood To Build A Snowman
devonperezfilm on Twitter

It's OK to be a little grumpy. There's no way you're getting us to go outside and build a snowman. I don't care how cute you are. The answer is always no.

Why Does It Hurt To Live?
substandardmeme on Twitter

Every winter the idea of moving to a tropical place is more enticing. Air, why are you hurting our faces? What did our face ever do to you? It's too cold. Let's not fight.

Go Away, Elsa
gayvegastravel on Twitter

Elsa, please stick to only freezing Arendelle. I know you have awhile until the sequel to Frozen comes out, but the rest of us don't want to endure the cold while you get bored waiting. Didn't you learn anything from the first movie?

We're Never Leaving The House
soullilly on Twitter

Just for the winter, we are becoming people who literally never want to leave the house. We have everything we ever could want at home, like a warm bed. That's it. That's all we really need.

Winter Is Here, Whether We Like It Or Not
centralmorgan on Twitter

Whether or not you're ready for it, winter is here. It's cold, but we must embrace it. Let's all be a little more like Elsa and welcome the cold.

Who am I kidding? The cold bothers us too much, and we're totally OK with missing this winter party.